This response was made to a Yoruba man, whom I can say was apparently misinformed about the history of the genocide committed by Nigeria. My friend Mr Olamilekan, asked why the Biafrans invaded the West, and later massacred communities in the Midwest as they retreated.

Thank you very much, Mr Olamilekan. I am very happy that you found time to create an avenue for engagement, quite unlike the rest of the docile Nigerians that would speak with the demonic flare of "I know it all", they are only being unnecessarily pugnacious and combative.

Because of the despotic and autocratic tendencies of Governments in Africa, they blank out the people information-wise. So, the government line of the narratives becomes the only available for consumption, in almost every issue.

You know very well too, that before the era of Social Media, the Western part of Nigeria (Yoruba), was in absolute control of the media. This, enabled them to distort and corrupt every kind of news about the events of the Nigeria Civil War which I prefer to call The Biafra Genocide.

They didn't just stop at inventing these malicious forgeries against the Biafrans (whom they prefer to call Igbo), but spent and still spending humongous fortunes, to sustain those lies, just to ensure that Biafrans never come together again.

You can testify that since the advent of the social media, Biafrans have taken over the driver's seat in everything that concerns news gathering and dissemination. Consequently, we Biafrans have succeeded in exposing and demolishing all the vestiges of lies that brothers from the Southwest has entrenched in the membranes and fabrics of the rest Nigerians, even Biafrans inclusive.

You know that before now, an Ogochukwu or Chukwuma, or Osuagwu, or Okonkwo, from any part of the coastal regions of Biafra, or even uppermost parts of Biafra, like Igede, Igala, or Idoma, and Asaba particularly, will shamelessly tell you that he is not Igbo, despite the fact that over five thousand Igbos were massacred in one day in Asaba, in broad daylight, in vengeance for the so-called Igbo coup.

Apart from the Asaba massacre, the 1966 revolution that Nigeria still wants the world to believe was an Igbo coup was led by Nzeogwu, from Okpanam, a town that is about 10 km from Asaba, towards Agbor. In slating Igbo for massacre, Delta becomes Igbo land. In propagating divisionism, Delta ceases to be Igbo land. All these were mere falsehood propagated and sustained by the enemies of BIAFRANS from the Southwest junk media.

Having said all these, you may need to know that the British Government, which actually prosecuted the genocide against the Biafrans, using the vacuous Gowon and the greedy, jealous, and hate-filled Awolowo, was desperate to co-opt all that could be laid hands upon, so as to live up to the boast of Gowon, where he said he was going to level the eastern region (Biafra) in 48 hours.

Have you forgotten that even at the peak of the cold War, the two arch enemies, Britain and USSR, were partners for the first time, on the same side? (Don't forget the many FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS, OF THE FEDERAL TROOPS, which involved dressing like Biafran soldiers to commit heinous and atrocious acts, creating the impression that those acts were committed by Biafrans, so as to ignite and sustain hate, apprehension, animosity, rancour, and fear between/among the inhabitants of the coastal regions and those of the upper land of Biafra). All these lies were generously, prodigiously, and extravagantly spread by the Yoruba Southwest junk Media, as part of the war propaganda against Biafrans, as tutored by the unfair BBC, under the supervision of the exploitative, and predatory Britain. It was not Gowon that released Awolowo. Ojukwu, in many interviews, relayed the discussions he had with Awolowo, before and after leaving Enugu, after releasing him from prison.

I hope too, that the recent book by Emma Nwobosi, one of the five initiators, planners, and executors of the military revolution, (commonly called the 1966 coup), titled "1966, THE DARK TRUTH", has not escaped you. Nigeria can never tell you, as he did, that it was to forestall a planned commencement of jihadistic invasion of the middle belt and south west, on about 18th of January, that made them strike on 15th of January, 1966. This was done to save the South West and the Middle Belt from the planned humongous and horrendous massacre, which the Balewa government had already perfected. The overall plan included handing over the Prime Ministership to Awolowo, since it was clear that the north was being aided by Britain to be in absolute and despotic control, without possessing the prerequisite capacity to handle things right.

You know of the crisis that was already raging in the west, upon which the Balewa government wanted to capitalize, to wreck their havoc. Yoruba Oluwale gutter media cannot tell you all these. Ojukwu arranged with Awolowo, who had been threatening that "if the East is forced out of Nigeria, the West will not have any alternative than to pull out too", so that Britain, hiding behind the north, would not be able to fight on two fronts, within the same arena, simultaneously.

I'm sure you know that if this had been implemented, the possibility of coming to this sorry sight that Nigeria has become, could not have arisen. Don't forget also that Britain's primary interest was/is the oil in the east, which has been sustaining their economy since 1906 (Disregard the lie they began to bandy on the eve of independence, that they discovered Oil in 1956, so as to hand over the control to their northern puppets, whom they were positioning for Government).

The mission of the eastern troops, (which never killed any person at all), and was led by Victor Banjo, was to correct the prevarication of Awolowo (Those communities that were later invaded and massacred in the West and mostly in the Mid-West, were victims of the false flag operation of the federal troops, who were as brutal and furious as they were vicious). Ojukwu discussed with Victor, that as Awolowo had betrayed the deal, because of the promise of handing over power to him, that he, Banjo should go to Ibadan and take over the governance of the West, and declare the secession of the West. With that, the earlier projected and anticipated outcome (pulling the west out of Nigeria) would still be obtainable.

When Banjo reached Ore, he was wedged, blocked, enticed, lured, threatened, blackmailed, and coerced, if not stampeded, by the British establishment, using his Yoruba kinsmen. Like every Yoruba chameleon, Victor capitulated, and Britain had time to penetrate the north, to convince them, (because they too had earlier wanted out), to remain.

After Banjo sold out, having given Nigeria ample opportunity to regroup and strategize, as he was retreating, the federal troops which had now reinforced were brutally and viciously raping, massacring, decimating, and exterminating communities, (as they are presently doing in various parts of Nigeria), claiming that it was the Biafra army.

What time did an army that had failed in its mission, lost its assignment and coordination, and was scampering for cover and safety, have, to rape, pillage, massacre and decimate communities that they had no issues with? All these were Nigeria government forgeries and mendacious inventions, to win sympathy, instigate apathy, and erode empathy. Today, over fifty years down the line, you can judge who told the truth and who lied. The present Nigeria situation is enough to confirm or disprove to you all that have been said (I also will search for the Ojukwu interview that stated all these). We are not talking fiction.

The capacity of Britain to do mischief, is limitless. While Britain committed all its atrocities, their mouthpiece, the BBC, was busy distorting everything. It was this high crime of old, that Britain replicated in modern times, by importing an impostor from Sudan called Jubril Aminu, and imposing same on the sophisticated morons called Nigerians, under the watchfulness and acquiescence of the modern Afonja, called Tinubu.

In wide circulation is the picture of the praying mantis, the war criminal, the childless father, and the moronic zombie, Gowon, who submitted himself to be used by the exploitative and parasitic Britain, to murder over 6 million Biafrans in an unprecedented modern genocide, under the cover of keeping Nigeria one.

Available also is the picture of the real Mohammadu Buhari, placed side by side with the British arranged impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan.

Of course, you know the malicious and mischievous BBC, that has never relented in concealing all the atrocities of Britain, committed through their fraudulent enterprise called Nigeria, against the people of Biafra from the Southeast, just to ensure that the firm grip of Britain on the Biafra's confiscated OIL AND GAS, which constitutes the backbone of the sinking British economy, is not loosened.

Ka Chukwu Okike Abiama gọzie Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, gọzikwa Biafra, na ndị Biafra niile (God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God bless Biafrans Worldwide).

Biafra has come!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Biafra State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Biafra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Biafra State Media

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