Biafra: The Security Architecture Of Nigeria Is Built On Terrorism

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, November ,  2019

The irreparable trauma, loss of lives and properties as a result of the unprofessional security Personnels of Nigeria is alarming.
It's highly  provocative, having noticed with dismay the rate at which United Nations Human Rights Watch and other Human Rights advocates around the globe ( With exception of Amnesty International) has continuously maintained neutrality in the face of injustice meted against innocent civilians in Nigeria, it makes one to believe that the UN, EU and the USA don't care about the well-being of black civilians from Africa, if they do they will for sure sanction tyrant leaders in Africa where protesting civilians are shot at with live bullets and they get away with it, see what is currently happening in Cameron where there are cases of  ongoing genocide and the world looks the other way, since 2015 when the leader of IPOB was arrested the Nigeria security forces has extrajudicially murdered thousands of peaceful IPOB members and nothing happened to them, the  dehumanization of Biafrans by the Nigeria government terrorists parading themselves as security agents should be globally condemned by all.

Nigeria Army torturing Unarm IPOB members

For it's only a terrorist that uses violent actions or threat to further political goals, as seen in the activities of the Nigeria security agents in their quest to keep unworkable Nigeria as one indivisible contraption.

Unfortunately, the Nigeria security arms and organisations have become tools used by corrupt politicians in rigging elections, where the highest political bidder is allowed to use the security apparatus and agents to rig himself into political office, and the assassinations of political opponents.

The fact remains that the Nigeria combined security agents are all terrorist organisations, if not, why must the members of the Fulani terrorist herdsmen and Boko harm UN-designated terror groups be recruited to work in the Nigeria military?

Why haven't the Nigeria government declared Fulani terrorist herdsmen and Boko harm terrorist organizations?
Rather they hurriedly declared unarmed IPOB members terrorists and it tells you all you need to know that the Nigeria security is built on terrorism, believe it or not, 70% of the Nigeria military are hardcore terrorists and criminals.
We hereby call on the international communities to take note of the atrocities the Nigeria security agents are committing against humanity in Biafraland.

The horrific dance of genocide and destruction taking place in Ndiegoro community in Aba south local government of Abia state must stop, it's on record that the Nigeria Terrorist police are burning houses and arresting innocent civilians for a crime they did not commit, I am using this medium to place the world on notice that the Nigeria terrorist police are slaughtering unarmed peaceful Indigenes of Biafra in Ndiegoro Aba south, Biafraland the Nigeria security agents are spilling the blood of innocent unarmed civilians even more than Isis and Boko Haram put together, Nigerians are currently under government-sponsored terror siege masterminded by the Fulani Nigerian government, civilians are now living in fear and agony caused by their own security agents whose constitutional rights and responsibilities are to protect the lives and properties of their citizens.

The extrajudicial killing of innocent unarmed civilians by the Nigeria security agents must stop, it is high time the International Criminal Court "ICC" invite Nigeria security chiefs for questioning on excessive killings of innocent unarmed civilians in Nigeria.

The UN human rights agency and other relevant authorities must as a matter of urgency compel the Nigeria military to return back to their barracks and dismantle every checkpoint and roadblocks, the illegal extortion of money from motorists must stop, harassing and illegal detenting of innocent unarmed civilians must be stopped by all means.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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