When people say you don't have regards for the likes of Ohaneze, the Governors, I say to them with a good reason, if I were to be the Leader of our people during the carving away of our borders, I would have asked them to kill me first. How can you have 3 Igbo speaking communities carved into Benue and today they are the ones fighting their own brothers, their own flesh and blood, because one stupid anx illiterate Almajiri from the North said " Here is now the new boundary" and Ohaneze accepted it, the so-called Elites accepted it. The balkanization of your own Land, you accepted it in other to please your FULANI Masters. Because of the contract they will give you and make your child a Minister, because they will give you a Senatorial seat, or maybe a Governor. The same thing happened in Cross River.

People don't reason anymore; our people don't reason. They burn your shops in Onitsha, they burn it in Aba, they burn at Nnewi, they burn Idumota, Kano etc and you wake up every morning and carry on as if nothing has happened. You are just blissfully ignorant of the threat you are facing, not just as an individual or as a family, but as a race. We are in mortal, mortal danger.

Who are those to be blamed? They are the people that the British High Commissioner has come to see. She started her tour yesterday and will finish tomorrow. Some people stupidly and Foolishly ask, what is it that IPOB is doing? It's because you are blind. If not for IPOB why do you think that British High Commissioner will come to Biafra land to talk about Heaven knows what. Why do you think she came to talk about Peace and One Nigeria? If nothing is happening, do you think she will come? And if something is happening, like it is happening, who are those responsible for that? Is it not IPOB?

Who else is doing it? Who else have capacity, the intellectual capacity or should I say the Clout to do or compel the High Commissioner to visit Biafra land that they have never been to. If not for IPOB, who else, I ask? Can you do it? Do you have the Liver or the stomach? You can't do it. You are not called to do it. You don't have what it takes to embark on this very Mission. So, when we speak, you must listen. They don't visit, the previous one came when I was in Kuje Prison to ask them if I should be killed or released. I know what some of the so-called frontline Politicians and Traditional Rulers said. I know.

In Britain there is a Freedom of Information act. If you ask a question, they will give you answer. I want to sound a note of warning to everybody, the so-called Traditional Rulers, so called Politicians, anything you say, to the British Ambassador, the High Commissioner, we in IPOB will hear about it. All we need to do is apply for Freedom of information Act, demanding to know what transpired when the woman (High Commissioner) went to Enugu and a few other places, they will tell us exactly what you said and then we come after you. The only thing we want is BIAFRA. If you want to contest for Presidency for the rest of your life, you and your Family, your wife and your children that is your business. Do it within Biafra., Not within the Zoo because they have nothing to offer. I will tell you why to contesting in Nigeria is Foolish and Hopeless.

I told you some time ago, that Fulanis were coming, some of you thought it was a joke, and they came. They came and killed and slaughtered, they rape our mothers in the village and nothing happened to them because when operation Python Dance came, they didn't do anything, now every two weeks they have different operations in the SE because Southeast is a theatre of War. It is no longer Northeast but Southeast and some of you foolishly go to the social Media like idiots who cannot reason. Somebody is telling you to your face, I am coming to kill you, I'm coming to take your family away from you, and you are there foolishly and stupidly responding to comments and issues with sarcasm and I wonder what sort of people are you.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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