You must understand very importantly, very critically as we advance this evening that our shops are being burned. The latest one is Idumota Market in Lagos State, they went to Onitsha, they burned it, people died. We have all forgotten. We know how people value Life from where we come from but all of a sudden, we no longer value life anymore. When people die these days in a most horrific of circumstance it doesn't occur to anybody anymore to say, how do we stop this problem from happening again? but I need to draw this very clear, so that you understand it very well.

You know there was an air crash involving Boeing 777 Mars or whatever they call it, you know that and I want to show you an example between how white people reason and black people, and why white people are advancing and black people are not especially those from Africa. I want you to understand that it is because of the way you reason. What Happened after the Ethiopia crash? Both the United States Government, and the Federal Safety board and Airlines all over the world sat down and said, we don't want to lose more lives. What did they do? They grounded the entire fleet of Boeing 777 Mars. Let us compare the number of people that were killed in Onitsha and those that died in those two Air crashes of Boeing 777 Mars. We have not learned anything.

Do you know that the Almajiri (Fulani Truck Driver) came to Onitsha, parked their Tanker and opened it up and some idiots went to collect the highly inflammable liquid with open containers? The same Drivers set fire to it and our people burned. Shops were burned, businesses destroyed. Do you know that the same thing happened in Mbano, some people foolishly went again to collect inflammable liquid, a replication of what happened in Onitsha? The same happened in Nnewi. We know that one happened at Omagba, they burnt businesses. They are burning our businesses in Lagos, in Kano, even the Nigerian Government has compelled the Ghanaian Government to suppress our people in Ghana who are doing their legitimate business in Ghana, asking them to shut down their shops.

Do you know the funny thing? This is not the number 1 trending news for our people, it is not the number 1 discussion Point for our people, all some fools are concerned about is about 2023. It's about how to elect their friends or village man to go to Abuja and become something that they will ever become something that no one had ever become before in the Zoo. Something that Zik never became. Something that Ironsi tried and failed. Something that Ekwueme tried and was frustrated. Nwafor Orizu was there for months, what happened? Nothing happened till this very day.

The same group of people who are responsible for the deplorable state of our roads, those who couldn't build hospitals, those who are presiding over our crumbling schools, those who have made it their life target to frustrate the yearning and aspirations of our Youths. You graduate, you have no job, and all you can do is to try and defend the system that is indefensible. Can't you see that you have something wrong with you upstairs? Ochanja Market was burnt, we have sent our commiserations, the same thing we are doing for those in Idumota in Lagos.

EBONYI state as we speak is an active theatre. Fulanis are struggling to take our lands and IPOB is telling them that it will never happen. Some of you don't know that the so-called boundary dispute between Benue and EBONYI that it is brother fighting brother, some of us don't know this. There are some people in the Northern part of Ebonyi and the Eastern part who do not know that these BOUNDARY dispute, Community clashes are engineered by Fulani caliphate to divide us. Do you know that the Igbos in Ebonyi are fighting Igbos in Benue? Some of you don't know and now the Fulanis are here to take over our Land.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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