Quite frankly, our people don't understand what referendum means. Especially, those in the Zoo. A very small region from Ethiopia (Sidama) has become autonomous or should I say Independent. When I was contemplating why Ethiopia would grant one of their small regions the chance to express their will via a referendum, something struck me. If Ethiopia the only country in Africa not colonized by the West, perhaps they have a different way of reasoning.

It is only in the Zoo that the media would not tell you that Ethiopians recently had a referendum to create a new State for their minority group. As I was saying, now I know why Ethiopia was not colonized. They reason differently. Compare Ethiopia with the British colonized Zoo called NIGERIA and tell me if you cannot see any difference.

In West Africa, we love to be enslaved. To be submissive to external force is in our DNA. Do you know why they kept coming to the bight of BIAFRA to empty people? Because we are submissive, we only have strength when it comes to your fellow brothers, you'll have strength and energy. You'll be watching video every noon and night. Writing junk all over the place. When it comes to fighting external enemies, we are not good at it.

My question tonight is this? Why do we love to be slaves? Why? A tiny portion of Ethiopia (Sidama) is today independent because they all came out and fought for it. Because they know that independence or agitation is a very expensive business. Everybody must rise up to make sure we free ourselves from the bondage called Zoo.

Ø  We are the people being sold in Libya
Ø  We are abused all over North Africa
Ø  We are killed in Arabia
Ø  We are dehumanized in Europe
Ø  We are spat upon in America
Ø  We are imprisoned in Asia
Ø  We are used as lab Animals in South America
Ø  We are deported from Australia

Yet, we have failed to acquire any self-pride or even look at ourselves as equal human beings to all these people who are dehumanizing us. We don't like taking risk but thank goodness for IPOB. Without risk we cannot be free as a people. Nigerians or do I say the shameless youths in the British created Zoo called NIGERIA are preoccupied with watching BIG BROTHER, gossiping and praising election riggers instead of fighting for their rights. They keep copying the lazy Almajiri lifestyle of the North. The same lifestyle the FULANI used to render Hausa youths useless. Some of you don't know it, that it was the deliberate policy of the North to stop their people from going to school during the early years of the Zoo.

To the Nigerian youths, I say to you, your mates are in Hong Kong and Bolivia, in France and all over the world, fighting for a better life for themselves and their children but not so in the Zoo. People are protesting violently all over the world but the average Zoo lazy youths are nonchalant, docile and sheepish, they fight themselves on social media but tomorrow they will go to the embassy to seek for Visa to those countries but when they were busy sacrificing their lives to make their country better, you were busy burning your data on that cock college sex video and promoting mediocrity. Hailing election riggers and putting your trust in worthless PVC. If you tell them to open their mind to the fact that a referendum will happen, they'll tell you that it is war.

Referendum to Nigerian youths is war. They don't know that referendum is a pure democratic process through which people decide what happens in their society. Ethiopia had one. That is why Channels TV will not report it. To them it is better to report that a call for referendum is a call for war but will they learn? I’m very much doubt it.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media
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