Biafra:  Nigeria And Hate Speech Agenda

■ Author : Chimena Mary
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 29, November ,  2019

When the Nigerian Senators were deliberating on passing the bill of their hate speech agenda against the will of the people. I began to ask myself what set of people are these on this planet earth, what did this moron take us for; I was astonished because I don't know what to define them with anymore and how can all this pervert chooses to whack havoc on their people.
Well, after much thinking which I began to realize that we are all living in a country filled with animals, and I believed they all in the red chambers, as they are fondly called, are all bloody sucking animals or demons if I may say. 

If they said they aren't animals then they will clearly understand that raising that issue of penalty by death to their citizens just because of comments they made concerning the government at the first place is a hate speech then all of them all making the laws are in delusion because calling themselves lawmakers sounds so ridiculous in peoples hearing and if they really will understand vividly well that their so-called president which is the imposter impersonating the late Mohammed Buhari and the cabals has long enough been using that hate speech on them and the people they said they are governing but come to think of it i think the house of Assembly which comprises the red and the green chambers of the zoo Nigeria government and the APC lead presidency needs as a matter of urgency to be hanged immediately or thrown into a dungeon forever they are they propagators of hate speech in its awkward way and moreover I sometimes ask myself if this lawmaker as they referred themselves to be are even humans.

Am very much flabbergasted by the way this people are still covering the imposter in Aso Rock by hiding his identity to the citizens without minding what has become of its citizens, how can the so-called Nigerians in their ignorances still ignore what is at their face to identify the stupidity of the presidency and it's hate speech propaganda.

Why did the citizens of the zoo Nigeria still up to date allow themselves to be deprived of the good things of life including freedom why?. Well i don't have much to say rather because of the frivolous way of the zoo Nigeria citizens act towards things has then made it a mandate for the so-called senators to take away their rights for freedom of speech with a total disdain and in a disastrous manner of labeling a freedom of expression as a hate speech.  Biafrans i honestly think that those nuisances that calls themselves senators have nothing more to offer to the gullible Nigerians but time shall tell when all of them will pay dearly for all the mayhem done to the people they are to protect because of their deplorable way of making laws and subjecting the citizens to an untimely death by hanging just because of freedom of speech.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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