By Mercy Oluchukwu (Abia writers)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe
Willy Obiano, the duffer governor that masterminded the massacre of Biafrans in Onitsha a few days ago with his Miyetti Allah inclusive government of Anambra state. Obiano and his Miyetti Allah collaborators do not understand the importance of life and the glory attached to life. Reasonable leaders of highly developed countries of the world know that human capacity is paramount for stable economic growth. But the duffer element Willy Obiano chooses to waste Biafrans in the land while drinking himself to stupor on a regular basis.

Onitsha is an ancient commercial city in Biafraland that shares almost the same life possibilities with Aba. They are both major commercial cities in West Africa, now Onitsha is also sharing another reality with Aba, "killings". The recent fire incident in Onitsha is a sacrifice governor Willie Obiano pledged with the Fulani led Nigerian government to retain his position as the Anambra state governor. Obiano signed an agreement with the Nigerian government for continuous torturing and extermination of Biafrans in Anambra state.

The systematic killing of Biafrans is not new; Dangote trucks have been running into crowds in Biafraland, thereby causing multiple deaths in Biafraland. One wonders if these same Dangote trucks do not ply the roads in the North and why there are no such accidents. The Nigerian Islamic government is using their servants in different government houses to set traps for innocent Biafrans fighting for their freedom. The Onitsha tanker explosion goes a long way to testify the evil activities of this regime.

They are using different methods to carry out their evil plan, all in the pursuit of the Islamic agenda. Islamization of Biafra land is the only agenda this Fulani cabal led APC government has now. The saboteurs in Biafraland are their agents whom they use as spying instrument on Biafrans, and these spies help them to launch their savage and deadly attacks on Biafrans. Until Biafrans start showing their anger on these Fulani slaves in various government houses in Biafraland, this nonsense will not stop.
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