I must admit here before further explanation that I was part of the deluded population before my privileged exposure to undiluted objective history presentation by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu).  My lucky self has been treasuring that great contact till date.  Often times we think that being a "graduate" in Nigeria definition of the term, makes one intelligent.  Absolutely not!  A clear pointer to this uncontested fact is the vicious circle failure of the contraption and her institutions.

I have been a lover of international politics and diplomacy prior to my enrolment to University of Port Harcourt where I studied it as an academic discipline.  I do know I love the statecraft, but I don't understand why I developed long ago, passion for it.  Today, I am appreciating the fact that Chiukwu Okike Abiama who sees the end from the beginning knew that today will come.  It is this inner propeller that keeps burning in us that we find it too difficult to stop talking of great Biafra. Today, that divine stimulator is cemented with divinely ordained leader to we all who have same cosmic chemistry.

Most countries of southern hemisphere live in today world while serious countries live in years ahead of today. United states belong to the latter group.  What is happening today in Nigeria isn't new or a sudden course to USA. The Americans in their super state institutions had taken a holistic analysis of today Nigeria in past decades plus.  United states knew earlier before now that the Ndigbo are needed to be free if Africa must experience her "economic miracle". Several American governments are known for their interests on securing freedoms for people, ranging from political, faith and economic freedoms respectively. 

In Europe, United States saved post second world war ravaged Europe from economic bondage through Truman Doctrine. Today, the entire Europe is ever grateful to that gesture from United States.  To South East Asian nations, they equally got American assistance towards their journey to their today’s economic freedom. That is what various American governments' foreign policies have in common. The Eastern European countries today are seeing that gesture from United States. 

When it comes to helping economic impoverished people, United States have been committed on this front.  But one would ask what is United States record on this in Africa? America spends 26% of her budget on foreign assistance which African countries receive reasonable shares which unfortunately get looted and dumped in better countries banks.  Miserable Africans!!! Sick America having been weighed down by the deeply corrupt and un-enterprising nature of Africans felt a need to support the creation of unique but enterprising nation of Africa that can stand as Japan of south East Asia and Israel of middle east.  It is done to United States that until the highly capitalism-oriented Igbos are supported to gain independence, African free market dream will be a hoax.

United States government after taking a deep study of the psychological disposition of an average Igbo man after Biafra-Nigeria war realised the first step to help Ndigbo out was to destroy the northern military hegemonic grip.  The Yorubas were used to strongly champion the course which they played a good role through their then edge on media.  The Fulani military hegemony were destroyed for democracy which to United States, it will be too difficult for the Fulanis to compete as it involves mental and intellectual input. Having seen the clear map, CIA gave a report that Nigeria will divide.  But like violet Cain and Esau, the Fulanis destroyed the ground for favourable competitions and reconfigure the democracy to be illiteracy and created a monster for intimidating other non Fulanis as their army is not on power.

It was Arewa House project which was supported by who is who in core North. In fact, Boko Haram ones nominated Buhari as their trusted mediator between them and Goodluck. Though the monster they created have turned against them today.  Thanks to karma!!! America understands that use of terror as tool of competition which the Fulanis have chosen will destroy them.  Saddam Hussein and others who choose this unpopular path in history always get sink on the way.  The Fulanis having exhausted their terror tools, are today being confused on what next to do. The unpredictable overturned event which made their created monsters to pillage and ravage their society is indeed a disturbance for them. America is watching as knowing too well that the end result is total break up.

But such they know can only be spearheaded by a disciplined, bold and intelligent fellow from Biafra.  America understands the need to fight the future war in Africa against Islamic extremists with smart nation within the region.  They are enjoying such wise step they took in 1948 in Middle East that consolidated the state of Israel, which till date, is an American strong partner in combating Islamic terrorism in the region. To the Americans, the diaspora Biafrans domicile in United states makes it easier for her to have a western oriented country of Africa than Islamic oriented Nigeria.

To those poor in diplomatic antecedent, it will be assumed that USA might not thread on opposite stand with UK.  But realities of international politics say otherwise.  For instance, both friendly Saudi Arabia and UAE are fighting in opposite fronts in Yemen today.  What is most important to United States is her interests on safety and not UK's own.  And today's America understands that Biafra is a replication of the state of Israel in Sub Sahara Region.

No country engages on hard war without first taking the soft path. That is exactly what is playing out today between Nigeria and Biafra.  It is true that most Biafrans want freedom but we must admit here that most of us don't have the mental capacity to understand the dynamics of international politics.  That is where we need to use the Kurds in Iraq and Syria as our analysis references here. 

If you dig deep into the history of the Kurds in Iraq and Syria, you will see an occupied land and dehumanized race.  Prior to now, the Kurds in Iraq were under severe pains as late Saddam Hussein was really killing them and torturing them.  United States and Israel felt bad over that terrible state of the Kurds.  But nothing much the duo could do as there was no democracy in Saddam Iraq.  America and Israel in their wisdom created a scene to pave way for foreign intervention which weakened the central Iraqi power and paved the way for Kurds to pick up arms for self defense.  Today, the Kurds of Iraq are powerful that they secure their lands and their resources and at per with Iraqi government.  The first project of America was to bring up the Iraqi Kurds to a point of power equilibrium with the central Iraqi government.  That was mission achieved.  It will amount to foolishness for central Iraqi government to think of "crushing " today's Iraqi Kurds. 

On the Syria Kurds also, the same have been achieved for them by United States and state of Israel. Today Syria sees Kurds as players in the region not just people you can clamp down on.  The Syrian Kurds today have their own military, government and control their resources.  If there is anything left for them today, it is the ritual of recognizing them as sovereign state.  But if we can talk less on political theory, you will see that both Iraqi and Syria Kurds are quasi states that is America politics in display.  It will be important to note here that in these two areas (Syrian and Iraqi Kurds), there exists mainstream politicians or what is known in Biafra term as "Efulefus", but these corrupt politicians of Kurdish extraction were relegated by USA and Israel.  The reason being that both USA and Israel know the dirtiness of these saboteurs. So, do they know the foolishness of current Biafran political class! You think they don't know? You are a joker.

Nnamdi Kanu is today accepted by USA and other global players not because of his handsomeness rather he has been tried and texted.  Americans and her allies would love to work with him over the Biafran project. He took time to delegitimized the corrupt Igbo politicians through the soft but devastative strategies of "sit at home" and protests. While he was giving the orders and millions were obeying, he was convincing the world that the so-called leaders in Biafra don't have legitimacy, thereby making them useless.

That yesterday’s acts have made him an admired and right channel of international players to identify with.  Nigeria disintegration is inevitable!  With the current and ongoing western economic blackout and diplomatic strangulation Nigeria is facing, she is obviously heading towards total collapse.  The economy is on her serious bleeding feet and diplomatically, Nigeria is on retrenchment.

What I don't know is how strong can Nigeria survive the ongoing international pressure?  Does she have the internal auxiliary to withstand it? How long can the world insure her refusal to give up to the ghost as scheduled?  Nigeria understands that Biafrans will finally be armed to drive their freedom if case be, this is not a case of "if". The world knows the crimes of Nigeria and would love she pays for it.  What I don't know is what that might be.  Time notwithstanding, Biafrans must at this time, endure and show wise displays.  Britain can't afford to get trapped in costly war neither is she ready to sink with Nigeria. 

The offensive diplomacy Nnamdi Kanu is on today, is really shaking African continent. Make no mistake that even African countries are fed up with the useless big brother called Nigeria.  Many of them have learnt to live and move on without Nigeria.  Also, many understand the meaning of United States government allowing Nnamdi Kanu to stand on their institutions in capitol, VOA and other places to preach Biafra.  They got the signal obvious and are mentally prepared to live without Nigeria.

What Nnamdi Kanu have successfully achieved is to decommissioned the corrupt local leaders in Biafraland and also provide single channel of communication internationally for those interests’ players.  Prior to now, we have multifaceted and complex Biafra groups both genuine and DSS created ones, it took consistent and focus battles to get these distractive elements recycled.  These elements were very strong sources of confusions and destabilisation to the struggle.  Today, they are force into relegation as those who funded them stopped doing so due to their poor performance towards destroying IPOB via their "coalition" decoy. Others who are genuine but with confused modus operandi were forced to close shops as the game is at intellectual stage where being Uniawo graduate or lawyer whose office is in No 10 Wetheral road Owerri is not important. 

Today, the world is presented with a clear group fighting for Biafra restoration.  It is a matter of time, Nigeria, UK, EU, UN, AU and United States will sit on a round table with IPOB discussing Biafra. Nigeria often lies to the world each time she is asked to engage IPOB on Biafra, she keeps telling the world that " there are many pro Biafra groups" that she doesn't know which is genuine. That was why DSS funded heavily for coalition which IPOB was the target.  Thank God we know them and their antics. Today, locally and internationally, it is only IPOB that survived till date. And that strategic positioning is the nightmare of Nigeria and her contracted slaves among us.

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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