By Nwabunwanne David (Abia Writers)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe
It was a clever manoeuvre on the 8th of October 2019 that Aba Women shook the centrepiece of Aba environs and its entirety. They came with the named, “WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE AND EQUITY ORGANISATION” campaigning against bad governance of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and bad Roads in Abia State. They noted vividly that Abia State never had good Roads since Governor Sam Mbakwe left. It is a great pity and shameful that Mr pit has finally fallen into the pit. 

It was surprising to many when the leader and the spoke person, in the person of Mary Jane Ogbonna Ogbota came out boldly and let the cat out of the bag that MACRO AC OKAFOR, the chairman of Aba South tried to bribe our Mothers, Sisters, Aunties and Daughters. He tried to quieten them with #100,000:00 one hundred thousand Naira each, but the Women stood their ground saying that those days have gone. Kudos to our women, they are just too much, the best among other Women.

From interviews held, we also discovered that the protest was by the women of Aba South in conjunction with Aba north women. They gave an ultimatum of one hundred days to the Abia state government to rehabilitate the Roads in Abia State, or they will mobilise women from other local government areas of Abia state to show their displeasure.  It was just s glorious sight. 

It is almost One hundred years but precisely Ninety years this year that the very historic Aba Women riot was held. Now, it is happening again, the Governor and his cabinet will have to do anything possible to avoid the impending mass protest that will rock and possibly capsize the boat. 

How is the mighty falling! More terrible days await the incompetent men and women in the government that never feel the commonest shame of being identified with dirty habitation: swamp and shrubland that Abia State has become and still refuse to make a change. These people are doomed forever, and will never live to enjoy their stolen wealth. 

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