■Author:  Victor Njoku      
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■ 16, October 2019

For the past four years, Ipob has been earnestly clamouring for Biafra freedom of which we know they have massive support of the people from the two geopolitical zone. They have been arrested in their thousands, tortured and killed in their large numbers by Nigeria security agents. A few decades ago, even before the existence of Ipob mas sob have been at the forefront of the struggle for the emancipation of the Biafra nation. And what happened? The same inhuman treatment mated on Ipob was what they passed through. Those people have been killed are humans beings, not animals. Even in a civilized country, animals are not been killed in the manner of which Nigeria security agents kill Biafra agitators.
Remember they're been killed just for exercising their inalienable right of self-determination, enclosed in article 3 of the united nations charter. Each constituency has a representative and each senator district has a senator representing them governors are also included all legally elected by the people but it's appealing that they don't have their people's interest in mind but they're after their belly.
Its quite ridiculous and very hard to believe that the Yoruba's who are known for their pusillanimous behaviour are the ones who breed brave leaders who fight for the interest of their people while the Igbo's who are known for bravery are now the ones who produce cowardice and quisling leaders who shy away from their responsibility and also sells their people interest. This is somehow puzzling, could this be misery? It's clear that when Awolowo was a very busy and very serious flight for his people, providing free education for them Nnamdi Azikiwe alias zik was very busy seeking attention from Hausa Fulani not only that he betrayed his people. Only God knows who inherited the money Awolowo stole from Biafra's after the war.
Yoruba's are enjoying one Nigeria and its also good to make it clear that except FFK, there is no other Yoruba man who is genuinely fighting for oduduwa republic. If they mean a fight for a republic before the end of six months they will be granted a referendum why? Because they will use every means possible including using thugs and diplomats and all their leaders will support actively. But here are Biafra's fighting for one existed nation at the process they have been killed and jailed yet their leaders are facing the bush, some are even crossing seven sees and seven mountings to celebrate the new yam festival that is supposed to be celebrated in Igbo land. Indeed they deserved to be beating and they deserved to be stoned.
Dear leaders, why can't you learn from hero's and legends like Ojukwu, Philip Effiong, Sam Mbakwe and the rest of them. Why can't you forsake temporary pleasure and fading prestige and fight for the betterment of your unborn generation?
Whether you support the struggle or not, Nigeria shall disintegrate and Biafra shall come to be. A word is enough for the wise and remembers what a Nnamdi Kanu said " the penalty of treachery is death" and so its everywhere in the world.

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