It is merely stating the obvious, when it is said that Biafra is the spinal cord, the backbone, and in fact, the very life of the British fraud called Nigeria. Not only that Biafra is the very life of Nigeria, Biafrans have sacrificed beyond human imagination, to ensure the sustenance of Nigeria, even from the inception of the criminal fusing of diverse incompatible nationalities (call Amalgamation) for the creation of the human anathema called Nigeria.

But despite the above, Nigeria has been doing everything that she can conceive to galvanize other African countries, including South Africa, to stand in opposition to the noble quest for the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra.

South Africa herself, has on a number of occasions, proved that she is not capable of standing on the side of the truth, as she has gone contrary to the United Nations Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, in collaboration with Nigeria, despite the two countries being signatories to the said Charter.

Again, the recent wave of xenophobic attacks that hit the Biafrans in South Africa, as a dynamite, was as sad as it is painful.

Many Biafrans recorded, and were recorded as great casualties, as some were burnt alive, while some who narrowly escaped being burnt alive, had their businesses that ran into millions and billions of dollars destroyed. Properties, investments, and other valuables were equally wantonly destroyed. It was as a result of this crippling economic emasculation that many survivors opted to return home to Biafra land on free flight, rather than lose their lives in Cyril Ramaphosa's South Africa.

It must be noted that the gang of bandits and terrorists at Aso Rock, who are using the impostor from Sudan, called Jubril Aminu, to impersonate the dead Mohammadu Buhari, as a masquerade, to deceive the world, have seen that the civilized world has realized the futility of covering the high crime, such as they are committing, and have abandoned them to their fate.
This must have accounted for why the Abba Kyari led team of rogues has resorted to working with despotic and undemocratic African countries, to see if there is any way they can facilitate covering the high crime of imposing a foreign national upon Nigeria.

The gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, led by Abba Kyari, who are using the impostor from Sudan as their masquerade, know very well that South Africa is a country that was greatly supported by Nigeria during the apartheid nightmares, and which still enjoys a lot of patronage of her companies and products by Nigerian consumers. This must have accounted greatly in the calculation of Nigeria government, presently overseen by the criminals that are masquerading with Jubril Aminu of Sudan in place of the dead and buried Buhari, in their choice for South Africa, for their devilish alliance against Biafrans.

But it appears as though the present government of South Africa does not know that whatever relationship that South Africa has with Nigeria is mostly powered by Biafrans, as it is Biafrans that hid and protected the late President Mandela when he fled to Nigeria for safety.

Biafrans are equally the highest consumers and patrons of such companies as MTN, (the telecom giant), Shoprite, (the groceries chain dealers), Stanbic, Multichoice, and other numerous South African companies, which Biafrans patronize in very large numbers.

Even the crude oil, which South Africa is desperate to be supplied with at discounted prices, comes wholly and entirely from Biafra land.

It is very ironical therefore, that for this robust economic and humanitarian relationship and gestures from Biafrans, all that South Africa can reciprocate with is to connive and collaborate with beastly undiplomatic diplomats from Nigeria to unleash mayhem, in various degrees, in various facets, and in various packages, to the same Biafrans that contribute in no small measure to their well-being.

One may be tempted to say that it appears regrettable that the South Africa governance is in the hands of the same black men, who suffered every kind of dehumanisation, torture, and deprivation, the case of Cyril Ramaphosa, the current president, being very striking.

But we are very happy that Biafra restoration is a divine project, implying that anyone standing to sabotage this great program is doing so to his own peril, if not outright disaster.

Let President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa be reminded that in the day of recompense, in terms of the contribution made by individuals and countries towards the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, it will be according to everyone's work.

It may appear that the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has been afflicted by the virus dumbness and daftness, as is with the case among the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, or that Ramaphosa is clearly under divine hypnosis, as not to interpret the handwriting on the wall, which is not even written in strange language. Otherwise, why won't Ramaphosa know the meaning of the declaration by the Supreme Leader of the IPOB, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, when he says that Biafrans, especially those in South Africa, should renounce their Nigeria citizenship, and declare their Biafra nationality? Is it hard to know that Biafra is just at the door?

May South Africa be informed that the Fulani gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, acting on behalf of the owners of Nigeria, the satanic, greedy, parasitic, sadistic, exploitative, and predatory Britain, can enter into any number of concessionary deals with South Africa, in exchange for the proxy genocidal activities against Biafrans. But let it be reminded to Ramaphosa that almost all the economic activities in Nigeria, that makes Nigeria relevant in any ramification, is solely the exclusive preserve of Biafrans. Even more so is the oil and gas, which seems to be driving South Africa mad, exclusively, absolutely, and extravagantly the gift of Biafrans. This information is expected to be instructional to the likes of Ramaphosa.

If the likes of Ramaphosa will continue to occupy such exalted offices like that of the presidency in Africa, then, Africa is doomed.

It is very clear then, that it only Biafra can save Africa. Shooting of unarmed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), protestant in faraway South Africa is one of the ways of display of primitive African barbarism, and it is totally unacceptable.

Anyone African country that is still supporting one Nigeria because of the promised oil concessions, or any Biafra Biafran that is still pursuing the mirage of one Nigeria, probably because of the promise of Nigeria's presidency in 2023 or beyond, be assured that before long, you will be swallowed, as declared by the Messenger of Chukwu Okike Abiama, the Prophet of our time, and the Supreme Leader of the IPOB, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

It is either you stand for Biafra, or you stand for nothing.

All hail Biafra.

Written by:
Nwabunwanne David
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Solomon Elughaiwe & Okwunna Okongwu
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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