Abia State Coordinator Had Successful Meeting With Senatorial And Local Government Coordinators

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■ 22, October ,  2019

It was a huge success as Abia State Coordinator, Mazi Chinonso Nwachukwu and his Executives met with the senatorials, local governments and some zonal coordinators on Monday, the 21st October 2019. The meeting was held in order to figure out and resolve some issues and complaints uprising in the struggle especially in Abia State and beyond.

Chinonso Nwachukwu assured them that he is willing to work hand in hand with everybody towards Biafra freedom, noting that his administration will not tolerate corruption or sabotage of any kind from anyone. He also, urged everyone of them to remain resolute towards Biafra freedom and also work accordingly to IPOB chains of commands and obey the command and control structures  of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB Leadership.

Though the meeting recorded a little fracas when some reported issues and misunderstandings were being addressed, however peace was restored accordingly after few minutes.

Chinonso made it known that his leadership will give the media 65% support, urging every coordinator to forget about past issues he or she had with anyone and move on with each other in accordance with the foundation of love that was led down by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. With the virtue of power bestowed on him as the State coordinator, he abolished suspensions imposed on Cordinators by the past administration and asked them to turn a new leave.

Furthermore,  they had brief meeting with IPOB deputy Directorate Of State (DOS), who encouraged them to work tirelessly towards Biafra freedom, he noted that Biafra restoration is the only way forward other way is null and void, meanwhile many questions were thrown out by some coordinators which were answered accordingly.

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