By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers) 
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe.
According to Advanced Learners Dictionary, forgery is the act of forging or fabricating or producing falsehood. Forgery the crime of fraudulent initiative, altering writing or signature while corruption is the state of being corrupt.

When someone needs admission or an appointment and knows that he does not have the prerequisite requirement for such positions, and goes ahead to apply for such status, he may have to lie his way through. You may lie to somebody but cannot lie to yourself, and within you, you know the truth about yourself, whether you have those requirements or not.

When it is time for proper or in-depth screening, the very original copies of your credentials will be required, and maybe, as you don’t have the requirement, you may occupy yourself continually with the thought of forging those documents to deceive the officials. Which corruption is worse than that? They may not find out your very mindset and the level of your dubiosity, hypocrisy and desperation to get that job. You may succeed with the appointment, but time will tell.

Just for instances, Kemi Adeosun, a Yoruba woman from the Southwest of Nigeria, found herself in that position when she was appointed the Nigerian Minister of Finance, she forged her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Certificate to take the appointment, which she is not qualified for in every ramification. This nonsensical nonsense lingered until when the cat was let out of the bag, she disgracefully resigned.

What of Muhammadu Buhari the Nigerian president, who used forged West African Examination Council (WAEC) Certificate to become the President of Nigeria. He deceived over Two Hundred million gullible Nigerians who were intimidated into refusing to talk about this unprecedented scam. The same muhammadu Buhari during his campaign rallies promised, that his number 1 agenda is to fight corruption, is that not hypocrisy? which kind of corruption is worse than forgery?

At this juncture, let me kindly say that Nigerian judiciary has legalized forgery. Otherwise, there is no reason why Muhammadu Buhari will be the president of Nigeria when it is common knowledge that he doesn’t have a WAEC certificate as stipulated by the Nigerian constitution. Under normal circumstances, he got to be impeached, to face trial, but Nigeria being who they are, prefer monetary gain to justice. 

The uneducated president bribed and bullied his way through to the top and remains in power over millions of educated people. If this were in the Western world, where politicians have a conscience and keep to their campaign promises, Buhari would not wait an additional day after the show of shame in the election tribunal where the WAEC official admitted that the certificate Buhari presented is not from WAEC. The self-acclaimed corruption czar is parading with a forged certificate, what an irony

In Nigeria kangaroo court system, they rule against the innocent and set the guilty free because the highest bidder takes it all. That was what happened in the presidential election petition Tribunal ruling between APC and PDP recently. APC used its power of incumbency to influence the verdict. That is Nigeria for you, shame, shame, and shame.
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