Let's flash back on my previous article tagged ‘Islamic scar episode 1 and 2 where I narrated the history of Mohammed and how he conquered Medina and other clans, and also pinpointed the Islamization policy which fully involved, liquidating the economy of the territories they invaded, their target and top priorities, but the zenith of its utmost priorities is always economy. Well proving that more than 95% Islam conquered countries, claimed to be saint by settling differences in pace while they continually distribute crisis in other parts, to maintain dominants, that only corrupt and cowards individual give way for their deceit.

At times, they come uninvited, as their nomadic activities take them round in Africa, prayed the community leader to secure their land, which many had end up losing their land to Fulani, through unwarranted kidnapping of the key people that may want to oppose their interest in the land of their sojourned. As they always claimed, they come to protect clans as they forcefully visited, they end up to dominate, control and pollute the environment through violent and cows’ destruction of Farms and Garden and at the end they will install an emir, having capture the economy of the territory just like Mohammed did in Medina, Mecca and other clans that make up today's Saudi Arabia.

When they are through with the seizure of, political power, securities, and other key positions at gun point facilitating the next agenda through crippling and snatching the economy of the indigenous people, through pretentious financial gifts and other aids to the indigenes of the clans financial and other aids with neck hooked conditions by repackaging their victims’ economy and customized it to suits them 100% and forcefully and mentally enslaved them forever. Now the supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi has uncovered the hidden truth and has also linked people's sense with Muslim road map and educate masses on Islamization formula, which started after creation of British Business Empire known as Nigeria.  Three months after Nigeria independent of 1960, the then Sardauna of Sokoto, in the person of, Sir Amadu Bello made hateful and derogatory speech on 12th, October 1962 that Nigeria is the estate of their forefather, which invariably had undermined other tribes, that had stake in the Nigeria unity etc.

Their real plans started with fraudulent and selfish constitution that accommodates all Islam practices without any trace of Christianity in the Law that supposed to be for all, followed by currency designed with Islamic symbol apart from the hundred naira note printed by Goodluck Jonathan, which Fulani hated him for, RUGA settlement, Boko haram, Herdsmen attacks, emoting the presidency and passport with Islamic inscription, mandatory teaching of Islamic studies in school in Biafra land, and now deduction policy by CBN. All these policies and protocols exempt Islamic bank because, they are given out soft loans without collateral to Muslim faithful, while to none Muslims they dish out neck roped conditions for full Islamization. All the funds recovered from loots and oil audit are not accounted for, and where do you think the money is? If not in Islamic bank which is the main back born of 100% Islamization. This deduction policy is a pure calculated intention to systemically melt down the little self-built economy of petty Biafran traders and non-Nigeria. All the Muslims promote and stabilize their Islamic Banks by dumping huge sum of money both looted, giant project and even government funds, paralyzing government owned or public banks by APC Muslim led government.

The Biafran slave CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele is on the front burner watching the APC strangling his people financially with this latest deadly and intimidating policy. The question remains, after poor trader deposit or withdrawal above five hundred thousand, how much will he or she gain, the question is this, did Nigerian government want to empower arm robbers by introducing such policy that is capable of exposing poor citizens to kidnappers and arm robbers which must boils down and resulted to carry money around because no petty trader will gamble or risk the high percentage of deduction in this present economy crisis in Nigeria. The Biafran, in APC Muslim government, laid ambushed and also in a hurry to extort money from the people, building their economy through buying and selling without the government help, and the sample questions is, what did Nigerian government do for Biafran after pogrom against Biafran from 1967 till date? Instead, we pay twice for the electricity we didn't consume, we also pay for pipe-born water that we had never seen for decades, which we had propelled us to sink private bore water, even the same government tax us, we Biafran for the pipe-born water that is functioning perfectly.

Written by:
Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Solomon Elughaiwe
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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