It is a romance gone sour as the southeast slave governors and their slave master counterparts from the north, hits the cyberspace in recent weeks.

The eastern governors seem to be waking up gradually from sleep. Days back we followed up on the agenda and resolution of an emergency meeting summoned by all southeast governors. To the surprise of many people, especially from the southeast, the key points of their meeting was narrowed down to security and the disharmony between them (Politicians) and the people they claim to govern, with special attention to IPOB.

In the agenda for security, they agreed to ban open Grazing of Cows as a means to check the recklessness of the invading Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen. This brilliant idea was what the leader of IPOB (Nnamdi Kanu) proposed some years back but it attracted him Operation Python Dance in the Southeastern States in 2017 and cost the lives of many Biafrans. These same governors who just made this decision were the brain behind the invitation of the military to clamp down on Nnamdi Kanu and the People of Biafra. They went further to proscribe every activity of the Indigenous People Of BIAFRA in the entire southeast. Blood of thousands of innocent people flowed on daily basis without caution by the slave chief security officers called governors.

Today, they have come to the reality that they have been working against themselves and the people are rising up against them. They have decided to go the part of honour but would their Slave Masters give them this chance?

The Northern Governors have roared back at them, calling them jokers for daring to ban the activities of Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen (World rated number 4 most deadly Group).

The game is set. Can the southeast governors stand the heat from their slave masters? Will the northern governors crawl back?

All fingers crossed. We are waiting and watching.

Come Quickly Oh BIAFRA


Written by:
Ojimba Tobias
For: Edo State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Edo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Edo State Media

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