Biafra: Ike Ekweremadu Is A Misfit

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, September ,  2019

The storm of Revolution is gathering as the masses are gradually taking their destiny's into their own hand's, the time to stand up and speak for the masses is now or  face their wrath,when this gathering storm will rain both the rich, poor, old and young will be drain,because their will be no escape route for anyone, the humiliation of Ike Ekweremadu in Germany is an eye-saw of what will befall Igbo politicians.

First and foremost I must commend IPOB Germany for tremendously welcoming Ike Ekweremadu to Irie Ji Germany,by  sacrificial making him the Escape goat in which to celebrate the New Germany yam with, history will always remember him as the sacrificial lamb of Irie Ji Germany 2019, besides he should be thankful to ipob leadership that we are not a violate group, if not by now he would have been  in life support machine somewhere in Germany.

The frustration of Ike Ekweremadu from eating this year Irie Ji all begin on Saturday 15 August 2019, it's an unforgettable Year of Irie Ji as the callous and imbecilic former deputy Senate President was humiliated by IPOB members in Germany, the angry IPOB members who questioned Ike Ekweremadu on extrajudicial killings of Ndi-Igbo were seen in a live video trowing Egg's at the former Senate President, it's on this juncture that a noble writer in the person of Chinua Achebe quote in 1995, that He who travels to eat his ancestral Yam in a foreign country should be ready for the wrath of dike the warriors of the 7 seas and 7 mountains, Ike Ekweremadu out of frustration and teste for new yam traveled faraway Germany only to go and celebrate New yam even when he knew too well that Germany's don't cultivate yam.

Ike Ekwerenmadu 

It's highly provocative and also an abomination to our culture and traditions to celebrate New yam outside Ala-Igbo, Ike Ekweremadu a prodigal son from Agbada Nenwe in Aniri LGA of Enugwu State who now claim to hail from Mpu has to defile our tradition,he has murder the purity of Igbo tradition and the wrath of dike the warriors of the 7 sea's and mountain shall befall him, the nightmare of Ike Ekweremadu has just begun because he has murdered sleep.

For those of you Igbos murmuring over Ipob humiliation on Ike Ekweremadu,he merit even more than the humiliation because he is a traitor to Ndi Igbo, under his watch Fulani herdsmen militia are rampaging our territories killing and raping our Mothers, Daughters, and wives yet he maintains neutrality, under his 16years as Deputy Senate President he embezzled money meant for his consistency, his likes in Ala-Igbo should be stoned to death, because they are the ones tarnishing the good reputation of ndi-Igbo, you that is ignorantly murmuring over his humiliation name one tangible thing he has done for his consistency or ndi Igbo in general?

The only thing Ike Ekweremadu is good at is how to impoverish ndi Igbo, and Embezzled consistency money, his act of conduct is evil and satanic for ndi Igbo and I expect well-meaning Igbo's to condemn his criminal act if not we will regret it sooner nor later,he must account for the crime against humanity committed against indigenous people by murderous Nigerian terrorist army,the dead of innocent Igbo youth's in Enugwu must be accounted for by Ike Ekweremadu.

Hunger, abject poverty, bad road, poor electricity supply, and bad water are the factors lacking in Aniri Ike Ekweremadu consistency, yet this ingrate in Iberiberism and imbecilic Efulefu has the conscience to jet out to Germany for New yam celebration  with  consistency money that is meant for projects, Ike Ekweremadu is daring the people of  Aninri, this political criminal parading himself as Ike-oha deserve more beatings and stone,that is the only remedy to cure him of his stupidity and ignorant.

The sins of Ike Ekweremadu is too numerous to mention, he has done more harm than good to ndi Igbo and should not just be humiliated but stoned to death by the people he has made their life miserable.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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