One of the greatest mischiefs, which is as hurtful as it is destructive is the act of obsessive delusion, which has drowned men and nations in unimaginable perdition.

What, if not ostrichistic dementia, could have led the self-styled evil genius, the war criminal, the economic fugitive, and a major mastermind of the present anarchical wilderness, which Nigeria has found herself, called Babangida, to delude, deceive, misinform, misdirect, and mislead himself, and impliedly, his listeners, that there is any redeemability for Nigeria, how much more when he thinks that redeeming Nigeria rests on the shoulders of Ndigbo?

May Ibrahim Babangida be reminded that while what worked yesterday did, that yesterday is gone and we are in today's world. Today is entirely a world of different thoughts, perspectives, opinions, worldviews, knowledge, and applications.

It is also imperative to let Babangida know that despite all the British forgery, atrocious gerrymandering, sadistic genocidal brutality, and repressive policy formulation and tinkering, Nigeria has never worked and will never work.

It was the unworkability of Nigeria that greatly contributed to the genocidal war, which Britain brought upon Biafrans, as a tool of intimidation, so as to force distinct incompatible nations into one suffocating union, for the economic benefit of the parasitic Britain.

In the bid to see if Nigeria could work, over 3.5 million innocent Biafrans were murdered by the combined forces of the predatory Britain and her super power allies, who used the envious, jealous, and hate-filled Nigerians as a smokescreen, to brutally and heinously unleash their venomous cruelty against Biafrans.

It is also important that Babangida be reminded, that no degree of hiding under the cover of Fulani feudalistic hegemony will take away the fact that he is a Yoruba man, and as such, it serves him better to pursue the freedom of his Oduduwa nation than living in the hallucination called the indivisibility of one Nigeria. If Babangida has forgotten his Kwara roots, and is claiming Niger state indigeneity, by reason of his tortuous childhood and upbringing, Biafrans have not. It is therefore incumbent on the likes of Babangida to seek the redemption of his kinsmen, rather than living in the fantasy world of indivisibility of the fraud and British graveyard called Nigeria.

Of course, this is one of their subtle and crafty ways to invade, occupy, and possess the lands of indigenous peoples, in collaboration with their Fulani conquerors, who they think that they have become one with, without knowing that the Fulanis are only using them as disposable tools, as the moronic zombie, Gowon, can testify.

One pertinent question that Babangida will not fail to answer is; as you want an indivisible one Nigeria, and you are ready to die for it, how is it that Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, and other groups of the caliphate militia, hidden under various nomenclatures, are killing the citizens of Nigeria, and you have not uttered one word of condemnation?

How is it that the impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, who was imported by the exploitative, greedy, parasitic, sadistic, and predatory Britain, to impersonate the dead and buried Mohammadu Buhari, has been terrorizing tormenting, and even attempting to "RUGALIZE" Nigeria and Nigerians, and despite the opprobrium and the uproar from Nigerians from all walks of life, not one word has been heard from you?

Is the one Nigeria you are desiring and dreaming about the one where there will be a Nigeria without Nigerians? Or you mean a Nigeria where there will be only Fulani, and the few survivors among other nationalities will just be mere vassals of the feudalistic Fulani with their few appointed agents?

OK so the territorial entity of Nigeria is now more important than its people?  Babangida if that is the type of one Nigeria you want, we Biafrans must tell you, as we have been unequivocally saying for some years now, that on no account can we be part of such a fraud that pursues nothing else except our death.

You may have blackmailed, cajoled, deceived, and swayed us for long, but today, the times are different.

You have not forgotten that you are on the wheel chair today because of the bullet you took while participating in the British instigated and executed Biafra genocide, which you were deceived into believing that it was for the oneness of Nigeria, whereas you were indeed fighting to consolidate the Fulani superintendency of the fraudulently concocted contraption and criminal enterprise, on behalf of the genocidist Britain.

Let us hope that from what has been said above, that you can see the futility, hollowness, unsustainability, and impracticability of the continuity of your fraudulent one Nigeria. But, if, perhaps, you consider all the above, and wish to continue in the vain advocacy of your terroristic one Nigeria, and still be ready to continue your brutal genocidal orgy against Biafrans, from your wheel chair, know of a surety, that Biafrans have determinedly resolved that nothing on earth will make them be part of an abattoir where life will be brutish and short, having no meaning, having no value.

If the collapse of the evil forest, the abominable aberration, the toxic cauldron, the British inhumanity and graveyard called Nigeria is your nightmare, the cause of your epileptic feats, and probably triggers your intermittent insanity, better start looking for a permanent cure, or start your preparation to die because on no account will Biafra reconsider exiting from this abominable entity called Nigeria.

Ka Chukwu Okike Abiama gọzie Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, gozikwa Biafra na ndị Biafra niile.


Written by:
Chibeze Ugwu
For: Delta State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Delta State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Delta State Media
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