By Nwabunwanne David (Abia writers) 
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu. 
Indigenous Peoples of Biafra are continuously demanding for a referendum, as was postulated in the United Nations charter for self-determination and peaceful separation of countries. The demand for a poll is not, and can never be a call for war. Nigerian handlers or rather the government of Nigeria, has intentionally misconstrued it to be a call for war. 

During the several peaceful protests organized everywhere in the world and the Biafra land (old eastern region of Nigeria), the message was a call for a referendum and not war. The sad scenario now in Biafra land is very terrific, and it is of greater menace and concern, as multiple killings are happening in this part of the country. This most peaceful part of the contraption called Nigeria is more militarized than the volatile Northeast where Bokoharam is frequently causing havoc. The worst part of the situation is that these mainly Fulani military men act as if they have the order to kill at little or no provocation. 

The media decided to blindfold the public on real-time happenings, and those reported are seemingly under-reported to derail the society and international communities from the reality on ground. The military and police are on rampage in the old eastern region of Nigeria (Biafra land). The people are filled with fear even to walk freely in broad daylight alone without ultimately being harassed or brutalized by the military and police. There are so many killings, kidnappings, and diverse forms of brutalities that are being reported daily, trying to provoke Biafrans into an untimely war. A typical example is the killing of Chimaobi Uzoukwa (a tricycle operator) from Amise Umuokereke Ngwa in Obingwa LGA of Abia state. His crime is that he refused to give one hundred Naira bribe to soldiers manning the checkpoint at Afo di Mkpa Ohanze and Ukpakiri. Two soldiers followed him to his fathers compound on a motorcycle, one came down, shot him in the presence of his family members and joined his colleague on the bike and left.

We are using this medium to call on the world, the United Nations (UN), the international communities like United States of America (USA), Jewish State of Israel, Britain, Russia, Germany and African countries, African Union (AU) and ECOWAS to put politics aside in things that concern the lives of the indigenous people and compel Nigeria and their British counterparts to let the Indigenous People of Biafra, go in peace and not by war. This rain that is about to fall will affect everyone, both politically and economically.
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