Biafra: Why Nigeria Has Remained Incompatible And Will Forever Be

■ Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 1, August , 2019

For ten decades, Nigeria has been in existence yet every proliferated political leader including traditional rulers and those who benefit from the unholy marriage(southern and northern amalgamation) keep preaching unity not minding and not considering the long term of existence of this lunatic asylum called Nigeria.

It's said that oil and water can never mix, the conglomeration of north and south is like trying to mix oil and water manually. The country is deeply divided right from inception and everything is not just stagnant but backwards and unfavourable to the southern.

One of the main reason is the political structure or political system during the precolonial era, everything about Hausa Fulani people is direct opposite good. that old evil blood still runs in their vain.
Hause Fulani believe few people should be in power, they're to oversee the day to day running affairs of the kingdom whether they're competent enough to rule or not, that's not their concern all they know is that they have subdued the masses, hijack the nation's resources and then rule the masses by force. That's oligarchy and dictatorship combined.

Hausa Fulani also practices absolute monarchy, whereby only the king rules and does what so ever he likes they also see the monarch as their lord on earth. Few powerful and resourceful individuals who have much-landed property also hand some over to vassals those who they consider an as low class to cultivate on the land and such is feudalism. They also practice theocracy with impudent.

All this their form of political structure is what breeds the almajiri system in their land. Their system makes few rich while many are extremely poor and impecunious, they prefer and love the system because there are lazy and the leaders are witched. The masses prefer begging and serving while the powerful one prefers giving stipends to the almajiri instead of efficient distribution of the resources for a better meaning. 

Late Buhari 

Unlike Biafra's, who are Republican, felicitous and latitude. It's on record that during the pre-colonial era that the Igbo Biafra's has no traditional ruler, in their political system power is shared between the title holders and the age group that to say everyone is involved in the affairs of the nation. There is popular participation, public opinion, equality before the law, rule of law and there exist this form of sacerdotal check and balance so I will say democracy is the modernization or reform of the Biafra political system during the pre-colonial era which is still in existence in Biafra land.

Hausa Fulani is associated with autocracy, oligarchy,  devilish theocracy, feudalism and absolute monarchy while Biafrans are Republican which can be associated to modern-day true democracy and not the one been practised in Nigeria under the murderous and tyrannical Buhari.
You can see the Igbo ancestors are wonderful philosophers while the house Fulanis are mentally incapacitated power-thirsty barbarians. Now tell me how you expect such people to coexist? No common value system, different religious faith and one set are educationally backwards, no  It's absolutely impracticable, the British experiment Nigeria failed right from the onset.

The best option is to discontinue for Nigeria shall remain  in crisis  because the conglomeration of non-congenial people can't work

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
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