Biafra: Agitating For Freedom Of Biafra A Task For Every Biafran

■ Author : Aniekwena Chukwuemeka Chukwudalu
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 01, August ,  2019

I urge all Biafrans Believers and Unbelievers, to put hands together and fight for what is right which is Freedom of BIAFRA.

Togetherness is the shortest way to success. 
I urge all the Revolutionary Groups that are agitating for the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra to have one mind, one mission and one spirit in the struggle for freedom.

No individual can actualize Biafra without the support of other people, No idea is a waste.
Collective Effort is the best Effort, Everyone participation is needed towards this noble quest.

The support of Reverend fathers, Pastors, Traditional Rulers, Politicians, Teachers, businessmen, Activists, trade unions, all kinds of peoples are Immensely needed.
If Reverend fathers start teaching Biafra in the Church, if Pastor starts preaching about Biafra in the Church, if the parents start teaching their Kids about BIAFRA, if teachers start teaching their students about BIAFRA that means BIAFRA is here.
The people of Catalonia have Many Revolutionary Groups and Political party still yet they know their one Agenda which is Freedom of Catalonia, that's why they organized their own Referendum and vote for freedom, although they are not free yet they are still together.
If everybody start contributing Biafra Freedom is assured, I urge everyone to wake up.

Our Biafrans Politicians should also remember that they are not serving or representing the Fulanis but we, those that are fronting the Freedom of Catalonia is political with different political parties, what we have is politicians that protect the  interest of their Fulani Master instead of their people, our politicians should wake, agitating for Biafra won't stop you from being a Senator, agitating for Biafra won't stop you being a Governor.
Our Social Cultural group should stand up and fight for our Right and say no to One Nigeria.

Land of our Forefathers and Heroes is calling for you, Wake up from your Slumber, shine your Eyes and join the Race.
Together we will make Biafra Free again.
Together we will make Biafra Strong again.
Together we will make Biafra Great again.
Together will make Biafra Sun ☀ Rise again.
Biafra is Here.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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