Biafra: IPOB's Fight Against Injustice Has No Boundary

■ Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 13, August ,  2019

It's necessary for me to clarify all this never do well who are criticizing IPOB for their stands against the dehumanization and  unwarranted proscription of the Islamic shiit. It's true we are not Muslims, but evil must be condemned to the core for injustice against one is injustice against all rectitude and upright.
El-zakzaky the leader of sh'it Muslims was arrested by the vicious DSS and was later granted bail by a court of competent jurisdiction on several occasions. The court oder is yet to be obeyed by the lawless and anomalous  DSS .

Following the irrational and unreasonable behavior of the anomalous DSS, the sh'it muslims decided to place a blockade against General Turku Brutai on a protest . it's necessary to note that they were on a peaceful protest and they never harmed nor attacked the army Chief of staff Buratai, but the Nigerian army clamped down on them, massacred  about 378 of their members in a punitive manner, the humiliation and atrocity continued as Nigeria army and all her security agents keep hunting them (the sh'it Muslims.) like animals.

The law made it cleared that there are basics of which a group can be proscribed, on a ground that they have not killed improvisationally they can't be proscribed. You can't obtain a kangaroo court  oder from the court you disobeyed earlier, to proscribe because you are being driven by unnecessary and unwarranted hatred.
It's also good to note  the fact that sh'it is a branch of Islam, a religious group which I believe operates in other country(s) . Buhari is a religious bigot and a sadist, the proscription of sh'it has Shown his  hillbilly, irrationality, vindictive and  unreasonable behavior which is equatable to that of a psychotic patient. The world should know that the proscription of sh'it can stair up a colossal expostulations from the Islamic group.
The criticism of Buhari led federal government and the standard support for sh'it by IPOB is based on contradistinction so therefore it's reasonable. To those mentally deformed that has joined forces with those who are supporting Buhari to attack IPOB, all I will say is get common sense of reasoning.

Buhari started his killings and proscription with the very Pacific IPOB and no body cared to resist the barbaric act today he has extended it to other group and so shall he continue till he's confronted by strong upright individuals in the society.

We the Indigenous People of Biafra are strongly condemning the dehumanization and unlawful act directed to sh'it by Buhari led government not for anything or for any benefit but because  we detest and forbid injustice in it's entirety. The group of people that deserved to be proscribed are the Fulani terrorist herdsmen for they invades communities and kill people for no just cause.

Every rightful thinking human being in this part of the world should join the campaign against the proscription and persecution of sh'it because if you give a dictator an inch he will  take miles, if you abate injustice, injustice debase you . it's IPOB and sh'it today, tomorrow may be any other group on even the church of God who knows, injustice must be condemned  for a better society.

Edited By Lucky Chibundu
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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