Enugu State possesses one of the major cities in Biafra with millions of inhabitants, mostly the indigenous Biafrans. The state largest city is also known for its major role in the histories of Biafra, even before the amalgamation of Nigeria. The economic and social importance of this blessed mineral state towards Nigeria can hardly be neglected and for this reason, the Nigeria government under the control of the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy has placed a great focus to solidify their base in their quest to subdue the indigenous people for the progress of their islamization movement.

On the 20th of July 2019 been Eke market day in Biafra, a community in Enugu named Ihe in Awgu L.G.A. within the territories of Biafra, the news spread far and wide about the death of vultures that got killed from the intake of poisoned meat they consumed which they got from the remains of the cow that was slaughtered and sold in the market that day, the office of the All State Media of IPOB took the responsibility to find out the reason for such uncommon occurrence.

From the information received from the eye witnesses, especially from the indigenous people of Ihe living around the Eke market arena, the activities of the market started properly with the normal buying and selling activities, the coming in and going out of visitors and traders from the neighbouring communities, towns and states. Inside the market is set out a small portion where cows are to be slaughtered before distributed to the meat sellers for marketing, these cows are always bought from the Fulani herdsmen. According to report, an elderly woman who refused to mention her name due to fear of losing her life testified and said that every cow that is to be sold in Eke Ihe on every Eke market is always slaughtered on the slaughter portion in the morning of that same day, but the case of the Eke market of 20th July, nobody witnessed the slaughtering of the poisoned cow because the cow was butchered in the night and was ready for sell even before the first person that came to the market for business that day. This is to show that act to poison the people of Ihe was deliberate and the plan took place between the Fulani jihadist herdsmen and some traitorous Biafrans who knew that the cow was sick though may not be aware of it being poisoned as the poisoning of the cow must be only known to the Fulani herdsmen. Those traitorous Biafran meat dealers were probably ignorant of the poisoned cow and as well blinded by the huge profit they will make from a sick and dying cow. Mazi Eric Okafor who was there as an eye witness told us the little he knows about the incident, according to his report he wanted to buy meat that very day in the market but something kept delaying him till the vultures began to die and this stopped him from buying any kind of meat at all from the market, before they left the market place, all the dead vultures were gathered at a place. Later the next day, they came around to inspect the corpses only to notice that even all the flies that perched on the corpse of the vultures also died.

After his testimony, we demanded for the presence of the meat dealers in Eke Ihe market, we would like them to be called or we visit them. The villagers told us that the Nigeria security agencies came along with the NTA television staff on Monday 22nd July 2019 and took them away but later in the night they returned and will definitely not like to welcome us, so we requested to have a phone call with them, the ones who were reached refused to grant us audience not minding it was a phone conversation. 

The Veterinary department of the Nigeria government whose responsibility is to examine every meat that is meant to be consumed by the masses is no longer functioning most especially within the Biafra territories thereby risking the lives of the indigenous people of Biafra mainly, since the Fulanis/Hausas themselves does not eat the meat of a cow. The question is, why should a well sensitive department like the veterinary stop functioning in Nigeria especially within the territories of Biafra?

This is a proof to let us know that there is a plot to exterminate/wipe out the entire Biafrans by this present administration of Nigeria under Buhari/Jubril. It is expected that by now, the news of dead victims of those who consumed the poisoned cow should have spread all over the globe by now but surprisingly, there have not been any recorded dead victim in and around the community as of 25th July 2019. It is common that vultures are always attracted to places were animals have been slaughtered since they feed from the remains and rejected parts of the meats, therefore the vultures are always the first to taste meats slaughtered in the market places of Biafra and the case of Eke Ihe is not an exception. On that noisy day in Ihe, so many vultures flew down on the slaughtering ground and probably were the first known living animals to consume the poisoned meats, after some minutes or hours, the vultures began to drop dead with the particles and remains of the slaughtered cow. This drew the attention of the community members of Ihe and alarm was raised to prevent further buying and consumption of the cow meat. Already some have gone and may not be able to get the information in time and may end up eating the meat. However, there is a difference between the immune system and balance between a vulture and a human, the vulture may die after probably after some minutes but a human may linger on and finally may develop a sickness that may lead to his or her death.

According to Ichie Agu Oje, an elder from the Ihe community said that the slaughtering portion in Eke Ihe is situated with the premises of Okuku Izu sacred place; a place which has remained sacred and holy from the days of their ancestors and has been under the charge of an angel/god or a deity as some may also call it.

That powerful angel was instructed by Chukwuokike Abiama the God of all gods to always stay there and protect the people of Ihe which the Angel has never failed to please his master by protecting us and that is why the lives of the vulture where taken in place of the people of Ihe and her friends, he went further to thank Chukwuokike Abiama for giving them such a powerful god/angel and as well respects the angel they calls Okuku Izu.

It is clear that the Fulanization agenda of the Nigeria government under Buhari/Jubril is much more serious than what we think, and they will stop at nothing to make sure they take control of our ancestral lands and properties and we Biafrans have even contributed to their sponsorship by patronizing them in buying their cows which they don’t consume.

 If the entire Biafrans, Christians, Jews, haters of terrorism and lovers of freedom will stop the consumption of cow meat reared by the Fulanis, it will ignite frustration into their movement which will probably affect their desperate move to install the Ruga settlement in all the states against the will of the indigenous people. We should stop desecrating our lands with the Fulani cows and its meat which after wrecking havocs in our communities and villages with it, raping, killing and infecting wounds our loved ones and farmers, destroying our crops and in the end, we buy those cows for our thanksgivings in our holy churches and event places.

We must wake up, come together to rise up and say NO! to the Fulanization /islamisation agenda by belonging and joining forces with the IPOB family who foresaw this danger before now in other to restore and maintain the peace of our ancestral home lands. We gathered our detailed information through the relentless efforts of the IPOB All State Media. Tony Asomba was the major news hunter accompanied by the crews in Enugu province, Biafra led by Mazi Henry.

Please share this across all the territories of Biafra and beyond by every means possible.

Reported by:
Ike Nwajiaku
For: Biafra State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Biafra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Biafra State Media

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