By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)
The name "Islam" originated from the Arabic word "Salema", meaning total submission. However, in religious, it means peace, purity, submission and obedience. Among all the world religions, Islam is the fastest growing religion. This has been as a result of their method of conversion of people- force and violence. They adopt every possible formula and strategy so long it results in Islamization of the non-Muslim. 

Below are their features and pronounced ways of Islamization:

(1)They use intimidation.
(2) They defend Islam even at their dying hour.
(3)They are proud of their religion and have respect for it.
(4)They are fanatic and rigid over their beliefs.
(5)They are egocentric in terms of religious issue.
(6)They oppose the majority of Western teachings.
(7)They speak with one voice based on issues affecting them.
(8)In Africa, more especially in Nigeria, Muslim don't register their mosque in cooperate affairs.
(9) They have one Imam per mosque.
(10)Their Imams might not be rich, but their influential politicians and wealthy individuals accord them respect. Irrespective of their academic backgrounds, the Imams remain humble.
(11) They focus on Muslim affairs and never inclined to politics either directly or indirectly.

In Islamization planning,

(1) Muslim are longtime planners and also have the patience to achieve their selfish goal.
(2) Initially, Muslims pretend to solve problems, fight corruption and defend the Indigenous people that welcome them. Painfully, in the end, they create multiple issues for the people.
(3)They embark on grass root Islamic campaign.
(4)They target the economy of their victims, cripple it and take over.
(5) They make sure they hijack the existing government by force.
(7)They use financial empowerment to subdue and convert the non-muslims. They do that by sponsoring projects and giving of financial aids to traders through Islamic Banks around the globe and some kind of political and social assistance. 
(9) They set up Islamic educational scholarship from the kindergarten stage to higher institutions, globally.

These strategies have been working for them both in Europe, Asia and Africa. For instance, in Nigeria, Kwara state is a sample of this fact. Let's use Mohammed as a case study here. Mohammad was claimed to be a prophet and founder of Islam. He was born in Mecca, in 570 Dc. In the process or his early life, he began to receive revelations from Allah, and that became the basis for the Koran and foundation of Islam as he claimed.

Mohammed came to Medina following the immigration of his followers in what is known as HIJRA(migration to Medina) in 622.c.He was invited to Medina by the leaders of the city to intervene between clans of which turned to disaster to the people. Both Medina and Mecca were all pagans and Jewish before. He left Medina, returned to conquer Mecca in December 629.c.

Mohammad delivered Qur'anic verse permitting the Muslim, "those who have been expelled from their homes" to fight the Mecca in opposition -read Qur'an: Sura 22 (Al-Haji) Stay 39-40. These attacks provoked Mecca into interfering with their trade which allowed the Muslim to accumulate and acquire wealth, power and prestige while working towards their ultimate goal of inducing Mecca submission to the new faith (Islam).

March 624c, Mohammad led three hundred warriors of conquest in a raid on a Mecca merchant's caravan. The Muslim warriors laid an ambush against the Mecca at Base. Aware of the plan, the Mecca eluded the Muslim. Meanwhile, a force from Mecca was sent to protect the caravan. However, the Muslim overpowered them because they were in a higher number. Muslim won the battle and slaughtered more than forty to forty-five Meccans and took seventy as war captives.

Unfortunately, many Meccans were murdered, including Abu Jahl Mohammad, who was one of the Meccan polytheist pagan Qurayshi leaders. He was known for his opposition towards Mohammad and the early Muslims in Mecca 

To be continued in episode 2
In Biafra, we stand!

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