Cross River State, (the people's paradise), in the so called south-south geopolitical zone of 'Nigeria, is bordered by Cameron in the east, with its capital as Calabar. It was the first capital of the zoo called Nizooria.

Cross River state is endowed with bountiful natural resources, rain forest, tour sites and rich cultural heritage. Cross River is also a land of true hospitality and peace, blessed with different ethnic groups, traditions and languages, which include Efik, Ejagham, Yakurr, Bette, Yala, Igede, Ukelle etc.

The state was created in May 1967. It covers the following coordinates 5°45'N, 8° 30' E, 5.750°N, 8.500°E. Cross River State occupies a large area of land, running into thousands of kilometres.

Created from the former eastern region (Biafra), by Gen Yakubu Gowon regime, the present day Akwa Ibom State was equally created from it in the state creation exercise of September 1987 by the then regime of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.

Cross River State which is made up of the following prominent towns, Calabar, Akampka, Ugep, Obubura, Ikom, and Ogoja, still remains one of the oldest provinces of Nigeria, which has not yet been correspondingly developed, because of absolute marginalization, championed by the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy. The non-development of Cross River state is a deliberate act, to deny the people of Cross River State opportunities for speedy development.

The state, from time immemorial, has been an integral part of Biafraland and would continue to be!  Back in the days of our founding fathers, the late Gen Dim Ojukwu, of blessed memory, understood the spirit of oneness of the Cross River people, with other Biafrans. Despite our dialectal differences, we all functioned mutually as one. That's why the prominent people of cross River occupied sensitive positions in the course of Biafra struggle. People like gen. Philip Effiong, was the second in command to the Biafra head of state, and later, the Head of State. Dr N. U Akpan was the anchor person for government affairs, etc. Without doubts, it is clear to see that cross River indigenes are highly recognized in the Biafra state, as compared to the present feudal Nigeria.

The people of Ugep in the central part of the state suffered a genocide in 1975, where our fathers were killed, our mothers and sisters raped, and killed, our children were not spared, our houses razed down, all by the Nigeria soldiers. We feel safer in the hands of our motherland Biafra, where equal rights, justice and freedom is the order of the day.

When Biafra is fully restored, our fate is guaranteed. Cross River stands assured of fairness, Justice, equity, and maximum opportunities in all the areas, especially in the control of their own resources, security, infrastructural development, agriculture, and education.

It is therefore certain, and safe to say without equivocation, that Cross River state, in a restored Biafra, will be the envy of all peoples of dialectal difference, since, not only that the people of that province will be making their own laws in their own native languages, they will be in charge of all their developmental, educational, infrastructural, agricultural, and security matters. With this, their rate of development will be unmatchable in Africa, if not in the world.

Written by:
Onoja Christian Obinna
Nelson Bond
For: Cross River State Media

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Cross River State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Cross River State Media

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