Biafra: RUGA Settlement Is Unacceptable To Us

Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 10, July,  2019

According to the federal government of the lunatic asylum Nigeria, RUGA settlement means rural settlement in which animal farmers, "not just cattle herders" will be settled in an organised place with provision of necessary and adequate basic amenities such as school, hospital, road network,  vet clinic, market and manufacturing entities.
Firstly they said RUGA settlement is rural settlement so why can't they settle in their land? Why forcing others to surrender their own land for their useless RUGA settlement this means they have a devilish plan. In Africa, leaving your land to settle in another mans land which you did not buy means you want to take their land by force.
Secondly, they made it crystal clear that it not just for herders that's to say all Fulanis are coming down here to dwell and to me, that means the occupation of our land. They may bring only cattle and herders first but as time goes on they're about to increase which may be very dangerous to us as a people.

Thirdly they said they are going to be placed in an organised place with provision of basic amenities. And the question now is when did it became the duty of the federal government to Carter for someone's personal business all because they are been as the ruling tribe in the contraption  Nigeria. Did the federal government provide such amenities to other tribes in the country? More especially the Biafrans who contribute meaningfully to the economy of Nigeria.

Arm Fulani Herdsmen 

In the same vein, they said those basic amenities shall include schools, hospitals, market place and road networks. This means the federal government know they did not provide such basic amenities  for the indigenous owners of the land and because Fulanis who seems to be the born to rule set of people in the country are coming to settle, so therefore those missing basic amenities shall be provide for them the Fulanis and not even for the owners of the land. It's hypocritical indeed.

So if your cattle don't settle in our land there shall be no road network? Is this not barbarism of the highest order?  You refuse to build roads for business and farming activities here but will build it for Fulani cattle to come and settle in our land.
Lastly, RUGA is not an English word, English is the official language. The only language we understand here remains only Igbo and English if you're coming to settle in my land you must speak the language I can understand so I will know what you're talking about but for now, we can't understand the word RUGA so south-east and south is no go area for RUGA settlement.

The interpretation of which federal government gave about RUGA settlement means to dominate us and for the fact you will provide basic amenities which you have not provided for the endemic owners of the land to the Fulani cattle herders, we hereby repudiate and will resist RUGA settlement in its entirety in Biafra land.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
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