Biafra : No Part Of Biafraland Will Be Used For RUGA Settlement

Author : Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 10, July,  2019

From inception, the region known as the North in Nigeria has been landlocked, backwards, divided, weak, confused and bewildered by myriads of challenges and problems, and so, cannot survive long on the event of a breakup.
The conspiracy to Islamize Biafrans or turn Biafraland into Fulani dominated area(Illorin) has been perpetrated by the active connivance of the northern leaders, accommodated by the cowardice of those that present themselves as Biafra elites or governors and feeding fat on the negligence and insincerity of our religious leaders who are only concerned on tithe and offering.

The call for resettlement of RUGA across the East is another overwhelming evidence of the ongoing Islamization agenda/plan;
Any southerner that sees RUGA settlement as a welcome development for peace to reign must have a brain tumour...
If the RUGA settlement is not an Islamization agenda,
There are many hectares of land wasting in the north, sambisa forest is even the best place for rearing cows and it's located in the north; Why can't the Fulanis go and RUGA themselves there?

The desperation of the north over this RUGA settlement sadly defines their intention which must be resisted.
The activities of the Fulanis must be proscribed and banned because they are not indigenes of Nigeria, they are immigrants from Nigel, Chad Republic etc;
The federal govt of Nigeria must stop misleading the weak minded masses(citizens) with the suspension of RUGA and do the needful by the proscription of their activities just as they have done to IPOB who only ask for freedom.

The role of South East Governors and Ohaneze in the ongoing agenda calls for attention;
Since the inception of IPOB, all the Igbo elites have allowed themselves to be willing tools of Hausa Fulani against IPOB that is fighting to liberate the people of the Eastern region including these so-called Igbo leaders.

With the suspension of RUGA by the federal govt, it proves that this government is in partnership with the Fulanis to overrun and Islamize Biafrans.
To keep you informed, there have been several failed attempt over this Islamization agenda, and this RUGA settlement as one of the attempt must be banned not suspended, as the suspension is temporal just to divert the attention of the public.
We, therefore, call on the federal government of Nigeria to obey the wish of the people they claim to serve by banning the activities of the Fulani, and notably, the call for RUGA settlement in the south
And if the FG is in partnership with this bandits to Islamize Biafrans, I think they should try another trick because this particular one cannot stand, it must be resisted.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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