Nnamdi Kanu: Some of us are here in America, having fun, have 3, 4 houses, some of you have 2 or 3 Cars. You have jobs to go to, you have food to eat, there is 24 hours electricity, there is water, there is also healthcare facility for those of you who are working, but where we come from there is nothing. The reason why there is nothing is because those who are worthy to be in power are not those who are in power.

I told you, I told you, repeatedly, for the past 6 years for those of you who can listen that a Day will come when the Fulani will march blazingly into our land to demand what doesn't belong to them.
A day will come when you will pay to serve the Zoo. A day will come when you will have nothing. A day will come when your life will be useless. A day will come when you will wish you have never heard of the name NIGERIA before.

That day is now.  It has come.

Reported by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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