The atrocities of brutal murder of Biafrans, and other indigenous populations of Nigeria, by the feudal Fulani caliphate, deceitfully called federal government of Nigeria, continues, unabated.

We therefore bring to the notice of the whole world that the federal jihadists and militia, otherwise known as Fulani herdsmen, have invaded, and are presently carrying out their usual genocidal massacre of Biafrans in some communities in Enugu province of Biafra land.

The current invasion and massacre of Biafrans by Nigeria federal militia and jihadists called Fulani Herdsmen is taking place in Isi Local Uzo Lagov, Mub Neke, Ikem, and Eha Amufu.

The terrorists and genocidists called herdsmen, armed with AK 47, and other types of deadly weapons, came with so much fury that they are shooting indiscriminately, killing and maiming with impunity.

Not only are they shooting indiscriminately, but they also threaten any person who dares to interfere, or wants to throw a word of caution, is immediately targeted, and harmed, or probably killed. Not only do they kill with impunity and they also damage properties.

It has been authoritatively gathered that the traditional rulers of the affected communities are in collaboration with the herdsmen because it was learnt that the federal and state governments had intimidated and blackmailed the traditional rulers to submission and cooperation with the federal militia called Fulani herdsmen, with monetary inducement, camouflaged as selling the land to them.

The Igwes, who are involved in this act of sabotage are as follows;

lgwe Joseph Romanus Ogbodo (Igwe of Ikem)

Silas Samuel Ogbodo (Igwe Mgbuji)

Austine Odoh (Igwe Agu-Amaede)

John Odoh (Igwe Ihenyi)

Edmund Okechukwu Ogbu (Igwe Umuhu Unity).

U. Udogu (Igwe Neke)

Nwabueze Mbu Akpoti (Igwe Eha Amufu)

There are some other traditional rulers whose names are not immediately available that are involved in this act of collaborative genocidal terrorism.

Let it also be known that as these nomadic marauders and butchers are busy sending Biafrans to their early graves, the so-called Nigeria security operatives including the caliphate police that is presented as Nigeria police, is nowhere to be found. Even the local vigilante are not anywhere near the area of devastation.

We therefore want to I let the world know that a covert genocide is taking place in Enugu province of Biafra land, with the active collaboration of the so-called traditional rulers, but who we all know to be mere agents of the feudalistic caliphate.

Biafra is a done deal. So, whatever any one is doing, with the hope of discouraging Biafrans from vigorously pursuing Biafra are merely living in a world of mirage.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
God bless Biafra and Biafrans.

Come quickly Oh Biafra!

Written by:
Chuks Egwuatu
For: Enugu State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Okwunna Okongwu
For: Enugu State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Enugu State Media

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