On this day being 29 April in the year 2019, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB Enugwu Family) stormed Umunama Nkerefi Nkanu east LGA ENUGU state Biafra land for a potent Evangelism in that very community.

The IPOB Families in Enugu State, led by the States Coordinator, some other dignitaries of IPOB from other state and the members of states executive embarked on a mega gospel/evangelism of Biafra restoration to various communities of Nkerefi. It was magnificent as many Units and Zones members were in attendance, for the first of its kind, in Enugu State.

The people of Nkerefi as a whole will continue to recounts this episode that happened in their community, as the IPOB Enugwu family, matched round their communities, following the traditional marriage ceremony of their beloved brother (Mazi Ogbodo Timothy Ugo) the IPOB Sierra Leone National Coordinator).

According to an eye witnesses of the occasion, Mazi Chijioke Ogbuani said that no woman in the community of Nkerefi in general would not like to marry a non-IPOB Family Member, after watching the affair. He further told the people of Nkerefi to rise up and support Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to restore Biafra without fear.

IPOB from various parts of Biafra land and well-wishers and friends of Biafra were also in attendance, as everyone were happy on what they saw. Some artists like Enugu state-based musician and a Biafran in his Biafra attire (Shidodo), singing songs of Biafra restoration as the evangelism is been carried round the town. The Enugu state IPOB Media Team, led by Prince Henry Ike was fully in action, with the volunteer team led by Mazi Frank Nwaosu, ensuring that the event remains best in the history of Nkerefi kingdom.

After the marriage rites were fully done, the couple steps on the stage to make the mission accomplished, as every IPOB member that attended the program stood in mass and dance with their brother. Some dignitaries from Sierra Leone also gave words of advice to the couples and the people of Nkerefi, while the couple thanks IPOB Enugwu family for their support and also thanks his In-laws, and said that CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA will continue to provide for us till Biafra is fully restored in our time.

The IPOB Enugu state family presented their gift to them, and merriment follows immediately.

Crews: Onyekachi Michael, Blessing, Simon, Anichebe, Moses

Written by:
Odinaka Okoafor and Henry Ikechukwu
For: Enugu State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Enugu State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Enugu State Media

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