The Kalabari people are emigrants from the Calabar now current Cross Rivers state, into New Kalabar known today as Kalabari land in present day Rivers state.

Kalabari people are a sub-group of IJAW people living in the eastern coastal region of Biafra land. Originally, they were known as the Awome people but the name Kalabari was derived from their ancestor Perebo Kalabari who was a son of Mein Owei.

Before the Kalabari people came into that land, the original occupants of the land are the Degema people with a different people entirely. Till date the Degema people still maintain their tradition and culture in high esteem and sees the Kalabari people as visitors. The IJAW people speak Ijoid language and while the Degema people speak Edoid language.

The Kalabari interfaced with the white man gave them room to serve the white man and also made it possible for them to help in the slave trade business, Igbo slaves were never bought by Kalabari people instead the Kalabari man was used as a slave custodian.

ASARI DOKUBO said the relationship between an IJAW man and an IGBO man is master and servant relationship and I ask who is the master and who is the servant? The last time I checked ASARI DOKUBO ancestors were sold into slavery by his people so ASARI is an IJAW man by slavery that is why when you visit Kalabari land you will hear words like free born and true born.

ASARI DOKUBO are you a true born or a free born? Few out of the Majority of those sold into slavery via IJAW land to the European nations, some ended up in IJAW land e.g. ASARI DOKUBO ancestors have Igbo background. Today majority of the so-called who and who in IJAW LAND that are also seen or address as war lord all have IGBO blood running in them.

It is also on record that majority of the Kalabari people have Igbo background so what is ASARI DOKUBO saying, take a close look at Igbo genealogy you will know that the Igbo man cannot be enslaved and Kalabari man lacks the capacity to enslave an Igbo man. An Igbo man belief in freedom for all, and those sold into slavery was as a result of idolatry committed by our ancestors in the name of worshipping true God so when the white men came into IGBO territory, it was easy to override the entire IGBO land. ASARI DOKUBO ancestors came from present day Anambra state and sold into slavery in Kalabari land and that is why 90% of Kalabari people has Igbo blood in them and no single one of them can deny their ancestral background.

ASARI relationship with Uwazuruike speaks about his person and what he is capable of doing. Uwazuruike and ASARI were both given blank cheque by Obasanjo government to stop agitation for resource control and Biafra Actualization so their roles and connections with federal government of Nigeria are with a mutual understanding. ASARI and UWAZURUIKE are both in federal government of Nigeria payroll as presidential pipeline security guard that collects his salary every year in millions of dollars, while Uwazuruike is settled in making sure Biafra remains in theory.

Well, his recent attack on the person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said it all that he is doing the bidding of his pay master; why I said so is that federal government of Nigeria has said nothing about the death of the said prophet but ASARI DOKUBO is only trying to protect his pipeline job by looking for cheap popularity. ASARI should be ignored and should be disregarded completely, the law governing the universe will demand from him all he has done, it is call sowing and reaping.

Someone close to ASARI should tell him for every action there's an opposite reaction so Mother Earth will judge him soon. ASARI is never a match to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. How do you compare a local champion to an international personality? You don't cry more than the bereaved ASARI DOKUBO, it shows you're hiding something. Alhaji Asari DOKUBO who killed the said prophet in Enugu?

Written by:
Emperor Ben
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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  1. The authors of the above trashy Journalistic expressions should please desist from creating a gully between the Ijaw People and the Ibolites. Who are the Ijaw People, 90% of these have Ibo ancestry, their forebearers were from Arochukwu, Owerri, Mbieri, and Umuahia, This population included slaves,middle business men in the slave trading business and free Women who were wives of the classes stated earlier. So Asari Dokubo is more an Ibo man of Ibo by hereditary than Emma Powerful who is a descendant of immigrants to Ibo land. In the land of Ibolites by hereditary people from Abatete are considered as "Mbierambia" in original Ibo tongue so Asari Dokubo is the Nwanna of those of us from Ibo heart land than someone from Abatete. Whoever doubts this analysis should compare the costume of the Abatete Woman with that of Owerri, Okigwe, Orlu,Umuahia or Kalabari Woman, even the dance steps of these classes of women are different. There is great semblance between the Kalabari and the Ibo Women Dance Steps but no correlation between the Ibo Women and Abatete Women Dance Steps which underscores the differences in our hereditary and culture. Biafrans, you should desist from insulting Asari Dokubo for Biafra lost the Nigerian War of Genocide against Biafra on the very day Nigerian Warship SS Nigeria landed on the shores on Bonny because the Ijaws did not participate in that war. Asari Dokubo is what we know in the field of management science a Hygienic Factor, whose value is best computed by the value of its absence. In essence all that l am implying is that Biafra will loose again without the participation of the Ijaws.

    Pilot Officer Peter Ejirika
    Biafran Air Force Base, Shell Camp, Umumasi, Port Harcourt
    Commanding Officer Colonel Chude Soki