The war struck in the morning hours of Wednesday 24th April 2019, before 9am. Possible cause of the war:

The Fulani terrorists whose aims & objectives are meted to vandalize, kill, burn down lives, buildings & vehemently occupying lands & buildings; had earlier noted in some cases their commission to attack Obigbo, Igweocha in Biafra land. The attack however, several reasons may be cited to have led to this attack, but the reality of it remains that the Fulani terrorists had unleashed their goals by whatever means they chose to do it.  Amid several cases, they had terrorized Obigbo for more than a month, through rape, abduction, stealing, illegal possession of lands, etc.

On Saturday 20th April, 2019, A victim (woman) who escaped their camp by the Obigbo pipeline confessed publicly in church how she was trapped into their net & how god's mercy vindicated her. Upon which she noted that some other captives are still in the Fulani dungeon. Another situation was a case where the Fulani caliphates tried to abduct a Biafran at Afam road, Obigbo on Sunday 21st April, 2019 about 4pm, but the masses intervened, and their plans failed.  Upon their failed abduction, one of them spoke in Hausa tongue saying”. We must attack Obigbo from express through Kom-kom starting from Monday 22nd April, 2019.

Meanwhile, the Fulani’s had lodged in Obigbo, etc. along pipeline & distressed petrol stations, e.g. 2 non-functional petrol stations between Obigbo & Eleme road.

On that deadly day 24-04-2019 (Wednesday), an Akwa Ibom man found his stolen motorcycle with a Fulani scrap dealer, trying to load his machine in a truck. He called the attention of a stand-by army officer, following the army officer's questions; the Akwa Ibom man (okada owner) got his cycle papers & proved his ownership of the cycle.  Instead for shame, the Fulani man shouted severely "kparawo" which implies "thief” referring the cycle owner as thief.  Such shouting attracted the attention of several Hausa -Fulani people, at such the thief (Fulani) stabbed the Akwa Ibomite been the motorcycle owner at his belly.

Forthwith, the entire Fulani got into the war as other Akwa Ibom indigenous & Biafran sect tried to revenge/wage the war, the army and SARS & police had arrived the scene and raised gun shots against the Biafrans trying to secure their brother. In the process, the victim died. We were informed the Fulani thief died because the Akwa Ibom guy later stabbed him too.

Thus, the Fulani terrorists commenced burning of shops, vehicles & building, in turn the Akwa Ibom people, burnt the Fulani shops & goods like empty plastic bottles, scraps at the yam zone market.

About 4pm same day, chief Clinton Orubom (the prince of Iriebe) bought several drinks for the SARS, police & army at the scene, he assured them that he would restore peace in the environment at all cost. About 5.30pm upwards, the Fulani terrorists returned to the scene and stood by the express road leading to port-Harcourt, stabbing people & snatching their motorcycles.

About an hour later, the SARS & police returned to the scene.  On trying to stop the Fulani operations thereof, unknown army uniformed men batched into the scene, started shooting till fewer police men were gunned down. In late hours about 10pm, unknown army uniformed men batched into the residence of chief Clinton Orubom among few indigenes; they specifically shot the chief's legs, then his face & his back and escaped immediately.

On 25th April, the police & SARS came in convoy to carry away the chief's corpse, but the community (youths) resisted them; thereafter both the police & masses conveyed / escorted the corpse to all weather mortuary, where it was deposited. Residents fled their homes on the 24th night following malicious raids of houses in the. Community & timber environment about 11pm till dawn, as the police. Army & SARS were breaking houses, arresting people, throwing tear gas into several houses & shooting at sight those on their escape route.

Sources informed Rivers State Media that Chief Clinton was responsible for the Fulani residents within the yam zone & diaspora. Added that a Fulani man said earlier that in case of any war, they (Fulani’s) knows where the Obigbo leaders / heroes live.

Written by:
Dr. Bright O. Ihesiaba
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Dimkpa
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
Rivers State Media

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