Many people, who joined the Biafra restoration project with the mindset of getting the achievement within the timeline of six months to one year, have unfortunately, backslidden as their expectations fell short. They failed to realize that this is a struggle for freedom that has no definitive time frame. It is a daunting task that cannot be accomplished on a platter of gold. It must go through rigorous processes and protocols.

Supreme sacrifices involving lives, resources and time have been made. Freedom fighting is never a cheap commodity. It is costly in every ramification. It takes only the enlightened, dogged, courageous, reliable and responsible, to access, the inherent dangers and time, notwithstanding. It should be recalled that the struggle for the freedom of Black South Africans from their white supremacists, took Nelson Mandela and his fellow agitators, about twenty-seven good years to realize. The nation of South Africa eventually emerged triumphant due to their resilience.

The Biafra restoration project is not one that can be abandoned because it is divinely orchestrated for the total liberation of the Biafran people from slavery and misery in the British contraption called Nigeria. In the process, many young, able bodied Biafran citizens have been killed by the Nigerian murderous security operatives. Many have been kidnapped and taken to unknown destinations while uncountable numbers are languishing in different detention facilities across Biafraland and Nigeria. All these accounts should act as catalysts in driving the restoration effort to its logical conclusion. We all need to remain unrepentantly resolute, focused, committed and consistent in our resolve to reclaim our stolen inheritance. The Biafra restoration mandate is a project that can never ever be compromised for many have gone fighting for this cause.

Therefore, we should not be numbered amongst saboteurs and snitches who have covenanted with the devil to mortgage the collective will of their people because of crumbs that fall from the tables of their Fulani slave masters. We must distance ourselves from the enticements of their money and seeming attached pleasures, which are not just temporal but eternally enslaving. This project is noble and must not be derailed. The freedom of Biafrans and the unfettered restoration of our beloved fatherland are incomparably better than the brandished, short-term satisfaction glories of the stomach and pocket ministry. We must relentlessly match until the battle is completely over. We must not allow the machinations of the enemies to entrap us. Saboteurs, traitors, murderers and propagandists have raised the bar in their desperate bids to service the insatiable desires of their evil masters but our resilience and collective focus, remain the only needed antidote to match them down.

 They are undoubtedly, rearing their heads from every angle and we must undeservedly take them head on to defeat. Their luring effects can never ever make meaning to us and our people so long we maintain discipline and uprightness. Biafrans, in their numbers even globally, despite the avalanche of harassments and evil speaking, continue to show their love to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the courageous and highly dependable leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The Biafra restoration project most assuredly, must be accomplished. We very exceptionally appreciate Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty), for the gift of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who has taken it upon himself despite all odds, to ensure that the agitations for the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra remain aflame and incorruptible. Irrespective of the fiery darts of the enemies both within and without, this man has remained resolutely committed to the cause, taking the struggle to the heights globally. While the enemies keep gossiping and ranting on various online media platforms, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB leadership, keep doing the needful unscathed, to ensure that the restoration effort is successfully escorted to victory. Focused and determined individuals have absolutely no time for yapping and fakeness and that is why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB leadership, has consistently and unambiguously promised a total and complete restoration of the nation of Biafra; and no mortal being can truncate the untainted movement of this train. Biafra must be restored.

Let us keep the fire burning on daily basis, for the day imminently drawled near when people will sleep in Nigeria and wake up in a glorified Biafra. It is irreversible, it is irrevocable, it is irrefutable, and it is not negotiable.


Written by:
Ogochukwu Aladum
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Dimkpa
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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