By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)
Edited By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
It is logically and reasonably proven that Nigeria conspired with their corrupt Judiciary spare headed by Justice, Binta Nyako in one of their plots to assassinate the supreme leader of I.P.O.B., Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The drawing of the criminal map started, when Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail with stringent bail conditions to rope him into violating it and fall into Binta, and A.P.C. combined trap.

First, the supposed Buhari and cabal want to know who supports I.P.O.B.'s quest for Biafra restoration, so that A.P.C. led Government will scare them with the Judiciary. These actions may be, to intimidate and or implicate them in trumped-up corruption charges. After the bail of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the cabal found out that some well- to- do Biafrans were boldly and firmly behind the quest for the restoration of Biafra. They were surprised that senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and other prominent Biafrans came out and stood surety for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The Judiciary is working round the clock to pin a crime on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The judge in charge of the case, in the person of Binta Nyako, had countlessly played the role of persecutor to consciously exchange the supreme leader of I.P.O.B. as collateral. Her husband and son are in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission for corruption. The Hausa-Fulani cabal is mounting enormous pressure on Binta Nyako to convict an innocent person as part of their deal to acquit and discharge Binta's husband and son. 

It is crystal clear that the biggest problem Nigeria has is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because he is exposing all their lies, so they decided to get rid of the leader. Nigeria media are part of the evil conspiracy, they keep quiet when they are supposed to expose the evils of the Government and publish absolute lies when they say anything at all. They publish what the Government and the military tell them to just to be seen as good boys.

None of these bothered the fearless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; they wanted to silence him with the harsh bail condition, but the Lion refused to be caged. He fearlessly told the Nigerian Government from Ohiafa at a rally of I.P.O.B., that he was going to court with two million men at Abuja. Nigerian Government know he is capable of mobilizing two million men who will accompany him to court in Abuja as he has set a lot of records. 

When he was in Kuje prison, he commanded sit-at-home from prison and Biafrans obeyed and shut down every official activity, both Government and private establishments subscribed to the sit at home, including religious activities. Nigerian Government see the supreme leader of I.P.O.B. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a man who will double expose them more to the world and also tear Nigeria apart with only truth. 

Nigerian Government is working underground in connivance with the likes of Southeast governors, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the core members of Radio Biafra international (U.S.A.) sponsored and funded by A.P.C. Government to destroyed Radio Biafra and assassinate the leader. The operation python dance was consequently launched to help the military invade the home of the supreme leader at Afaraukwu in Umuahia, which ushered in blood bath where over 28 people died on the spot, and Biafrans were killed in different locations. An uncountable number of innocent persons were carted away and killed by the Nigerian security agents. They hastily buried many in shallow mass graves and threw some corpses into rivers. Many Biafrans were missing, and a very good number was permanently disfigured and locked up in secret D.S.S., Police, Army, Navy, and Civil defence cells coupled with injured ones in the various hospitals across Biafraland.

According to the Constitution, anybody bailed by the court is under the court's protection. Still, the Nigerian Government went ahead and attacked unarmed civilian with every military gadget at their disposal to assassinate the leader who is propagating for his people's freedom with only microphone. The world was fully aware of the gruesome killings going on, and I.P.O.B. media were live with photos and videos to tell the world about the mass murder of unarmed innocent civilians and crimes against humanity. Nigeria media sluggishly carried the news intentionally and drastically reduced the number of deaths to be only one, but 28 died. The biased Nigerian media went ahead and tagged it a mere clash between Nigerian security agents and unarmed I.P.O.B. members.

After all these bloody atrocities committed by Nigerian Government, Binta is still unlawfully forcing the sureties to forfeit the one hundred million bail bond each from the four sureties or provide Nnamdi Kanu without looking into situations that surrounded his escape. The ugly incident showed the world that I.P.O.B. is a peaceful group and also constitutionally right. The latest one that broke the camel's back was the revocation of the supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's bail by the same judge, Binta and even warming up to put the international police on alert by lobbying INTERPOL to arrest and put a stop to his diplomatic manoeuvres.

Well known and paid international assassins are monitoring and following Mazi Nnamdi Kanu around to execute the deal of British and Nigerian Government as planned. It is obvious and crystal clear that I.P.O.B. supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was systemically granted that neck hooked bail in other to assassinate him. This was planned to silence him permanently since he refused to be compromised.

Binta is unwise and unreasonable, after working as an elephant; she chooses to eat like an ant. This is a career she built all her life, which involved much energy, money and time, she wants to end it by allowing ill-educated cabal that doesn't know what it takes to build a career to destroy it just for their personal interests.
I.P.O.B. and world leaders are all aware that the life of I.P.O.B. supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is under threat.
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