Biafra: For  There  Sake We Are  Alive

■ Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 22, May 2019

Our fallen heroes and heroines died  not  because  it's their  wish but  because  some  groups of terrorists have  decided to  wag a genocide war against  them,British government together  with their handlers  have decided to  obliterate Biafrans from the  surface of the earth,in defence  of their territory a number of them were gun down by British machinery,3.5 million of their children were  starved to death, there was air, land and  sea bombardment in their land and we lost more than  10million Biafrans in that genocide war and  still counting, because the terrorists who unleashed mayhem on Biafrans in 1945 to 1970 have laid siege in our land to continue the  genocide war, but enough is enough because time shall come when we will avenge the death of over 10million Biafrans.

The restoration of Biafra remains  irreversible,for it's the irreversibility of Biafra that gave our gallant heroes and heroines the courage to pay the ultimate sacrifice that we might see the light of the day, their tenacity, resoluteness, and  consistency towards the ultimate restoration of Biafra even at the point of death is the sole reasons why 30th of May is sacrosanct in Biafra land and  behind, their name's shall be written in place of gold.
Never again shall  generations of Biafra forget the ultimate sacrifice our mother's,fathers,and children's paid,for it's there ultimate sacrifice that kept us alive today that we can now talk about Biafra, the only crime  they committed was to demand for a separate state, never again shall we forget the Blood's of 10million Biafrans that were spilled on the  street's of Biafra land.

They died because the Nigerian government and British government  summggled life out of them,their Dream's and visions were cut short  because some agent's of Lucifer doesn't want them to  exist,they died defending motherland for generations unborn to have a place to call their home, the worst atrocities committed by  Nigerian government was to impose food blockades on innocent Biafrans,globe world must hold the Nigerian government and British government responsible for the massacre of 10million innocent unarmed Biafrans.

Come 30th of May 2019 we shall  appreciate our gallant heroes and heroines for their sacrifices they made by observing  the  "Sit@Home" and a minute silence in there memories,we shall mourn and  reflect upon their souls,we shall communion with their  spirits,we shall draw courage and  tenacity from there death,we shall awaken their  spirits that day to hurt their killer's until total victory and justice is given to them,the death of over 2000 IPOB unarmed protesters buried in  shallow grave by murders terrorists of Nigerian military cannot be forgotten,how than can we forget the  Aba women riot,should we talk about the Asaba massacre or those murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Biafra land,hell no,we can never forget them because they are in our memories everyday,they laid down their lives for us to live and we own them that honor to Shutdown Biafra land and observe a day mourning for them.

Come 30th of May 2019 it's a holiday in Biafra land,no movement,no buying and selling,no school and church activities,because it's absolutely Sit@home,if you can't sit at home you can as well sleep@home or Stand@home,Biafra land shall be deserted like a graveyard that day,Igbo governor's and their handles can rot in hell for we don't give a damn about their imbecile statement.

Any traitor or individual that we dear come out to open his or her shop, church, school or factory may the spirit's of our gallant heroes and  Amadioha strike him dead.
Ije Awele gallant heroes and heroines.
Till we meet to part no more

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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