Rivers State in the past 16 years has never witnessed a peaceful Election in Nigeria. As the years progresses, the situation worsens. The number of casualties double and irregularities triples.

Question is, why do Rivers State bleed during Elections especially from the tenure of former Governor Rotimi Amechi till date?

The man at the centre of this barbarism is a one-time Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly and a two term Governor, Hon. Rotimi Amechi. In 2015, he invited the full weight of the security upon the people of Rivers State on Election Day. From polling Unit to polling Unit causing Mayhem.

Sadly, he has not understood the semantics of Hausa Fulani Power quest. In every 4 years Election Circle, he has constantly turned his State into mourning. Rivers records the highest casualties in the entire country just in a bid for Amechi to submit the State's wealth to his Hausa Fulani Slave Masters in the North and for a reward as miserable as Political appointments.

The sole purpose of the battle for the soul of Rivers State is nothing else but for the huge Oil wealth stored here and again for the Fulani Caliphate to gain control of the Water ways that would freely grant them access into the coastal areas of Biafra land for the final conquest.

We are already in jihad whether you believe it or not it is just a matter of time. A top security personnel confided in me that what we are seeing in the North West, Middle belt or even the North East will be a child 's play compared to what they intend to unleash in Biafra land. All they need is a route to access and circle the entire East for final battle with a bid to capturing them. This is why the States in Niger Delta are usually under threat during Elections and the North has given the mandate to one of our Sons (Rotimi Amechi) who is carrying out this duty mercilessly.

The entire Eastern region must come together and fight this battle, it should not be left for the Rivers State Governor Wike alone. If Rivers State is conquered, the entire Eastern region is conquered. We must rise up to fight this ugly monster at the earliest. Rivers State is in BIAFRA and a fight against one of us is a fight against all of us.

The flow of blood in Rivers State must be addressed. We must speak with one voice, enough is enough.

Written by:
Chibueze Ugwu
For: Delta State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Delta State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Delta State Media

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