We have been hearing rumours of war in our peaceful region because we cherish peace more than anything. The unscrupulous elements masquerading themselves as Nigerian military has invaded our peaceful region and have turned it to a war theatre. Our country men are on the run, our mothers, fathers, siblings and relatives are all hiding in the bush since yesterday because of these murderers’ agents of APC terrorist government masquerading as the Nigerian military.

Our Amiable men, are been hunted like wild animals, no more peace in our land. From the elders to the youths are lamenting morning, day and night. The Nigerian media outlets are silent, the world is silent on our plights, the war in Rivers, Abonnema, etc. are alarming, thrones are been invaded by extremist. The Fulani terrorist uniform men are seriously gunning down our gallant men. My pen is too heavy to carry, tears bursting my eyes, I can’t withstand the suffering of my people. As I note this article down, some communities in Rivers State has vacated their place. Because of the useless governorship Election.

Who do we run to? I think I will buy to this notion that, there is an international conspiracy against the Biafra populace. The world wants us to pick up arms and fight; we have remained peaceful even in the face of tyranny and provocation. We have held on to peaceful approach in our pursuit for freedom of motherland. What have we done to deserve this height of punishment? Are we conquered people? The elites in our land are working with their slave Masters (the northern caliphates) to subjugate the Biafran populace. Is quite unfortunate that we live in a society where those we elite into power are the ones sending murderers to help in reducing our numbers.

We can no longer sleep with our two eyes closed; we now live in fear because of those masquerading elements in uniform. Nigeria which way? Why hunting for our gallant Activists, our brethren’s in the Riverine areas are now hiding in the creeks because the enemies has invaded their land. Those yapping their mouth that they are warlord are nowhere to be found. Those that preach Biafra in the morning and in the evening, they preach one Nigeria. I believe by now they should go back to history and see history repeating itself. Isaac Boro was killed by his pay masters. The Nigerian government killed him after his support to them etc.

Why are we still hallucinating thinking that Nigeria will change? Nigeria is irredeemable and the only solution is the dismemberment of the components that make the hogwash one entity. The Fulani terrorists are not peaceful people, they hate peace with passion. They are following the footage of their parents. Remember their father told them never to rest until they deep in the Qur’an in the Atlantic Ocean. Until they Islamize the useless one Nigeria. The Fulani terrorist will never rest; they are using this election as a yardstick to hunt our gallant men and women. Is time we wake up from our slumber because the tone of the music has changed?

Biafra is the only solution to this mess we all find ourselves. Is time we form unification with our brothers and sisters across all regions to fight for our Freedom? Because in the Igbo adage has it that “If we come together and unite; it will be foaming”. Also, in Igwebuike we stand. Is better we join various IPOB units across the globe and bring in our suggestions on how to restore motherland. Because if we fail this time to restore Biafra; we are gone as a people. There is a say; “A word is enough for the wise”. All hail Biafra the children of the light.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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