By Nwabunwanne David (Abia writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
Before the inception of this administration of the highest political office in Abia State, as the so-called excellency, the incumbent and executive Governor of Abia State, in the person of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, was nobody than one that supervises the evacuation of refuse as deputy chairman ASEPA to make a living. It is now absurd to remember the kind of joy and how elated we were as Ngwa people that our own Son has bridged the gap of the long, ardent expectation of our people when this State of Abia has lesser evils to be compared with the gruesome atrocities of today by this administration of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, and he had forgotten so quickly how he started.

The atrocities: the gruesome killings and kidnappings have become the slogans in every tongue in Abia state. The timeless recruitments of criminals and marijuana smokers in the name of a task force, stealing plates numbers at every public park in Aba is disheartening, all these left a question in my heart, who is this man, Okezie Ikpeazu working for? Everything has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that this man is the Arch-enemy of the masses. 

He forgot so quickly that when he was down, that the Wheelbarrow pushers, the Bus drivers, the Tricycle riders popularly known as Keke, and the Motorcycle riders called Okada and Traders in the Markets are those, that voted him into power, and the paradox is the case at last. Please, "Umu nnem and Umu nnam" where do we go from here? The so-called "Okada men" are being syphoned 200 Naira each daily, Keke, 400 Naira each every day, and every bus driver pays Okezie Ikpeazu the sum of 600 Naira every day, all these levies are just to operate in the State. 

These are oppression of the highest order, and wickedness against your own people, and I repeat the question, who is he working for? Our roads are death traps and littered with refuse, and even the streets built last year 2018, are now being patched as additional projects, a disguise used in squandering the taxpayers hard earned money. Our analytical studies have shown, that we have in Abia State, not less than 30,000 Motorcycles, 16000 Wheelbarrows pushers, 15,000 Tricycles, and 6,000 Buses, with all these levies, where are we going from here? 

No good roads, no good water to drink no better welfare. Our markets are forcefully broken down, built up to collect at least 1million Naira as buyback for the smallest shop from traders; this is a significant burden for the masses. Who is he working for? I had vehemently refused to talk of the monthly Federal allocation to the State. Economy wise Okezie Ikpeazu has failed, in infrastructure and welfare, he scored zero. In security, education, healthcare, job creation and workers salary, the score is not different. He only did well in the killing of innocent citizens, extortion and intimidation.

Under the very nose and the sight of Okezie Ikpeazu, our full-blown young men in hundreds and still counting had disappeared. Many kidnapped and most are killed by Nigeria Soldiers, need I mentioned the gruesome killings of IPOB when the Indigenous People of Biafra were praying at National High School? It was a terrible sight. Without mincing words, as the Chief Security officer of the State of Abia, Okezie Ikpeazu has failed in securing his own people; he took an oath to protect. As I am writing this piece, many had been reported missing again. 

Intelligent information reaching the desk of Abia writers has it, that Bokoharam soldiers have taken over our land, and that a temporary base has been given to Bokoharam soldiers at Ngwa because Ikpeazu Okezie wants to come back for the second tenure. I am kindly asking, who is this man Okezie Ikpeazu working for?

Without hesitation, your guess is as good as mine. For me, Okezie Ikpeazu has no business with Abia in this second four years tenure. We have sorrowed enough, and how can we vote him again for an unduly invasion of our land by Bokoharam Soldiers, financial oppressions of downtrodden of the Society, bad roads, insecurities everywhere, the indiscriminate arrest of our people. No, no, no...Even fools cannot make this mistake the second time. The wise men think before acting but the fool act before thinking.

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