By Ama Chukwugoziem (Abia Writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
The conventional definition of a nation suggests that the entity known as Nigeria is not a nation-state but rather a multi-national state. It is better and will be more beneficial if we all recognize and accept our various differences and tastes. This will enhance and better the status quo now, and more importantly facilitate the advent of peace.

By implication, therefore, the arbitrary creation of nation-states is the origin of conflicts in the Dark Continent, particularly in Nigeria. The onslaught by imperialism on the cultures and mindsets of the different potential nations that make up Nigeria as a nation-state nurtured the germination and growth of conflict and unrest in the country.

The intolerant attitude exhibited or manifested by the Arewas and the Yorubas bear witness to this. Biafrans are always the victims of virtually every religious crisis, any minor religious infraction in the world will give the Muslin north an opportunity to kill Biafrans. Also, what were the basis for the monopolization and the mentality of born to rule by a particular ethnic group? And why do members of this specific ethnic (nation) group regard others as slaves?

Similarly, there is a propensity to bias in all facet of life in Nigeria, partiality in the distribution and provision of essential social amenities/infrastructures, bias in governmental appointments, for example, this present administration's kitchen cabinet. Furthermore, the secret act to remove justice Walter Onnoghen from his post and install an Hausa-Fulani to help them manipulate the already rigged forthcoming elections. The simple reason for injustice meted out to him is because he is a Biafran.

Looking at these unharmonious attitudes with an eagle eye, one discovers the veracity of the assertions as facts. To this extent, however, it may not be fallacious that the 1914 amalgamation by Lugard brought into existence a nation-state known as “Nigeria" has done us lots of harm. In the amalgamation of Nigeria by Lugard, many potential nation-states were coerced to coexist as a nation-state.

The relevance of elections in Nigeria currently is questionable. Rigged yes. Thus far, to what extent has it succeeded? The politicians in an attempt to resolve the question "who rules" have turned politics, a game of choice into the game of do or die, an arena where those that call themselves politicians manifest their idiotic idiosyncrasies, a stage where the masses are exploited in exchange for empty promises. One cannot talk of the common good in a disintegrated society; neither can one talk of a stable economy under an unstable government.

Nigeria is not one, and cannot be one because she is devoid of the qualities or distinctive characteristics of a nation-state. Conventionally, a nation-state is conceived as "a polity of homogeneous people that share the same culture, value system and who are governed by some of their members who serve the interest of the people. In light of this definition, it is clear that Nigeria does not meet the criteria for a nation state, and nothing in Nigeria can move forward. So, Biafrans, elections in Nigeria is a must boycott. There is no solution to these conflicts instead let us go our separate ways.
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