By Elemchi Kalu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
Nigeria has gotten to the breaking point and total disengagement; for the ploy and coy pretense is officially over. We must make no further mistake to cover the atrocities and callous, inhumane destruction of innocent souls and visions of the common man, which has been over time, our greatest achievement seeing talents fallow at the invisible oneness.
Tyranny and dictatorship of the ruling class to silence with impunity and outright disobedience have characterized the highest seat of power of the concocted Nigerian nation; dating back from 1945 until today. To this I say BOYCOTT!

Nigeria is overdue for revolution or complete dissolution, in whichever form you choose, of which I always support a peaceful approach. We must not kill to remain or maintain oneness of acclaimed unity, which seems fictitious than reality. Is there no one LIVING in Nigeria that supposed leaders will foist or appoint their relatives and friends into overseeing national affairs without laid down guidelines or following the constitution? I think, Nigeria needs a day-stop or halt if we are really Humans' and not worms. #BOYCOTT!

Therefore, I charge any and every right mind, I believe, there may be few, who refused to entangle or enclose themselves with this present evil rampaging Nigeria from the northern caliphate of gluttons, to leave their shells, caves and Abuja comforts' and hit the streets with unquantified anger to recover the helpless from these cooked and orchestrated scripts of annihilation which may engulf everyone if permitted. #BOYCOTT is the answer.

We must jointly show these politicians that power belongs to the people by boycotting the forthcoming election and decide afterwards which better way to live and regain our freedom. Of course, I always suggest total independence of all nations forced into Nigeria or call it Separation. It is obvious, and reasonable, as good prevails over evil. Call it a judicial massacre, coup or war, your evaluation or choice of syntax marries the meaning of what APC cabals have done under the guise of obedience to their acclaimed verdict. When did they start obeying court orders? Toothless ECOWAS and Federal high courts' order disobedience of the past. What happened? #BOYCOTT to show your anger.

I must warn, Buhari and northern cabal have a strong strategy thus implanting their Muslim brothers into strategic political and security positions before these ungodly acts. The latest displacement of the CJN (a Biafran) with a Fulani sharia judge who claims to be called to bar in far away mecca is supposed to be a wake-up call. Unfortunately, Biafran politicians are busy fighting over which of their oppressors to support and who is more loyal to the Fulanis to notice the impending catastrophe. Biafrans are called upon to stand up and be counted, we must disregard these thieving Fulani slaves whom we elected to represent us but they abandoned that duty and aligned themselves with our killers to kill and maim us. We must show them our resolve to be free by sitting at home on the 16th February 2019 election. 

#BOYCOTT all the way.
We must boycott the February 16 election.
We must sit at home that day to drive home our point.
We must stand alive or..... dead.!
Biafra must come.
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