By Benjamin Ibegbulam (Abia Writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
The long-awaited Biafran Referendum day has been announced finally, 16th February is the day when Biafrans will vote whether to still stay in evil Nigeria that renderers them useless or vote to leave her.

Over 20% of Biafran citizens are scattered all over the globe in search of greener pastures whereas their land is blessed with natural resources. Apart from natural resources, human resources are in abundance because Biafrans are endowed intellectually. They’ve without a doubt proven that they could make a strong nation on their own without oil and gas, but the Nigerian Islamic system of governance is hell-bent on murdering people's career and see to it that every Biafran born is either killed or dies in penury and anguish.

Millions of Biafrans graduate from universities yearly yet there is no Job upon graduation as many graduates have turned to taxi drivers, some engage in menial work to barely feed while some travel out of the country to Europe en route the Mediterranean sea, a journey which only a few survive.

There is no steady Electricity in the country, no fuel to power generator despite the free flow of crude oil in Biafra land. Evil Nigeria created by Brits and their politicians are hell-bent on Looting and carting away Biafran oil for their personal gains. There is no single properly constructed road in Biafraland; people die on these roads daily because of dip portholes in major and minor roads that turn to a pool of water in the rainy season.

Since the creation of Nigeria, the country cannot boast of producing even toothpick. This is a country with natural and gifted engineers and technicians. Biafrans are talented but the hatred the Fulani has on Biafrans will not allow the talents to show. This is why the country is going backwards instead of moving forward. The production of pencil that was used as a campaign promise four years ago by the current government had been swept under the carpet.

Biafrans will sit-at-home from 6am to 6pm on that fateful day, the 16th day of February 2019, this will serve as Biafran referendum under the watch and monitoring of UN, US, EU, ECOWAS and the Israeli government who will file report hopefully for a successfully conducted referendum which will lead to emergence of Biafra nation.
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