Biafra: Atiku Is Corrupt and Evil Just like Buhari, We Must Boycott Election

■ Author: Ezekwereogu John
(Chief Editor For Umuchiukwu Writers)
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 05 , Feb. 2019

One of the reasons why people hardly recognize and identify with the truth is that it comes from unlikely sources (lowly and inconsequential sources). It rarely comes from where people assume the truth will come from.

Don't be carried away by Buhari's incompetence and inefficiency, which amounts to a disastrous administration. Atiku is corrupt, and he is not a messiah that many people are making him be.

If you are supporting Atiku because you think that Buhari should be removed and you want him to be removed, fine. But if you are supporting Atiku because you believe he will "Get Nigeria Working Again," you are most delusional, Pity.

Atiku And Jubril

Atiku is corrupt, and somebody as corrupt as he Cannot make Nigeria be working again. He lacks what it takes to do that, namely, integrity.

Atiku is not a messiah, and he will Never be. He is just another Nigerian politician who makes promises and declares attractive intentions during campaigns to win elections, which he will not carry out if he wins the election. Empty promises.

If attractive manifestos translate to good governance, there won't need to "Get Nigeria Working Again." I mean, we have been seeing attractive manifestos since time immemorial.

How long will my people be taken for a ride before they wake up? Just how long?
The big problem is that Nigerians let emotions to cloud their judgment. So petty a people. 

This time the emotion is a distaste for Buhari, the undesirable element. The distaste for Buhari has so clouded people's emotions, that they uphold Buhari's strongest opposition (Atiku) as excellent. Some even as a saint. Atiku is not even good, talk more of being excellent, and then a saint. 

Atiku is bad; he is corrupt.
Atiku is another disaster. I sincerely wish that it is not so, but it is so. If he becomes the president, those who sing his praises and rant  "Atikulated," that he will get Nigeria working again will be disappointed. Very disappointed. I don't even want to talk about PDP...nothing good will ever come out of PDP. Nsi ojoo an is ojoo kwu (an awful feces goes with an awful smell).
Atiku is not a messiah. Atiku is corrupt. At best he is evil just like Buhari.
I hope you don't think that I am supporting Buhari. 

Because I have noticed that bias on this issue (2019 presidential election) prevents people from being objective in their considerations. In as much as the first paragraph of the post makes it clear that I disapprove of Buhari's administration, the very fact that I said that Atiku is corrupt will make Atiku's supporters to assume that I support Buhari.

Nevertheless, Atiku is corrupt. I don't have any favorite between Atiku and Buhari. But my point is this: many of those who support Atiku have allowed their distaste for Buhari to cloud their judgment in appraising Atiku. Many of them are actually portraying him as a man that will "Get Nigeria working again," whereas Nigeria is and will remain irredeemable because it's foundation is evil. Atiku cannot redeem Nigeria what is best now is disintegration so that everyone go their separate ways. And that is the point of this article.

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