Biafra: Things You Must Consider As You Boycott The Forthcoming Election

■ Author: Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 13, Feb. 2019

It seems the so-called sense is no longer common, our people forget so easily, and that has been the reason why we have been suffering without being able to trace the Genesis of our problem.

Hausa Fulanis are so switched and desperate no matter how civilized they pretend to be, that hatred and tyrannical nature remains in them. Atiku or Buhari a Fulani man remains a Fulani man we all know they are naturally dictatorial and religiously intolerance.

Those of you saying you will vote Atiku and vote out Buhari with your PVC have you ever sat down and take a good look at Atiku and Buhari/Jubril antecedents? Compare them and you will see that half a dozen and six is the same thing.

Many of you have forgotten that Atiku was once the deputy controller general of custom and Igbo's being the major importers in the country suffered a lot during his reign in custom as he will deliberately intercept and seize their containers for no just cause.
The same Atiku also served in Obasanjo's regime as VP meanwhile Obasanjo's regime is arguably one of the most corrupt regimes in the history of Nigeria. Remember it was during Obasanjo and Atiku's time that a whole community was killed by the military in Bayelsa(Udi) and Benue state(Zakibiam), which simply means Atiku is a thief, a killer and a tribalistic individual.

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