Your vote does not count in Nigeria. 'Even if your vote counts it becomes a family business at the end of the exercise. They person you voted it will be more concerned with employing entirely their families. It happened in Mohammadu Buhari reign where he is appointing his families into public offices and the citizens are not doing anything about it. Even Atiku Abubakar is not an option.

 From the look of things, this year’s general election could be bloody. The politicians are seriously desperate for power and blood sheds are inevitable. Even when you elite these politicians into offices, these men have their Godfather which they will be focusing on.  First to settle them depending on what they bargain upon. Before the man you position into office will think of doing any tangible thing for people it will be next four years of another Election. Every politician has their Godfather which pushed them there.

Every four (4) years they come to renew our slavery. We must say no to these men without honour and integrity. Men that make promises without fulfilling it at the end. Take for instance, you have been voting since 1960 of independence, can you really point out the achievements of this elites you call leaders? I mean just outline what these elites has promised during their campaign and fulfilled them. Let’s take this Second Niger Bridge saga as a case study. Obasanjo used SECOND NIGER BRIDGE as a political shot to gain into office and to get votes from the people. He promised to rehabilitate the Second Niger Bridge, after 8 years into office, he couldn’t fulfil his promises before leaving the office.

Late Yar’Adua also used the SECOND NIGER BRIDGE to gain political shot into office and Ex-President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan used the same slogan. But after 16 years, they never fulfil their campaign promises. Each time it approaches Election period after four (4) years in office, you will see these men without honour acting comical in the public with our youths securing them. Even to come out for debate and tell Nigerians on why they should vote them into office, they wouldn’t show up. But the hilarious parts of it are that, they are giving reprehensible reasons why they didn’t show up to the debate. Very gloomy indeed.

However, since this politician pay you to vote for them; you have indirectly sold your birth rights to them. More reasons why no sensible Nigerians must vote again. Nigerians should question the integrity of the elites they voted into power. Remember millions voted for Goodluck Jonathan to continue but he was rigged out by cabals. What made you think your vote will count this time around. Thousands has been slaughtered by the Fulani Jihadist herdsmen terrorist and the current government and the upcoming presidential candidate has never come out to condemn such barbaric act. Their silence speaks volume. Is better you use your tongue to count your teeth.

When you are killed in the polling units, you will be buried like rascal. They politicians you are fighting to put into office are more interested in their stomach not your progress. Why not stop voting and send strong message to them. Do you know when you Boycott the Election. The Politicians will start regarding you and fulfilling their electoral promises? Is time to tell them that power belongs to the people and not the other way round? Sit-At-Home and enjoy yourself for once. If they politicians are serious they should bring their families to come and vote for them. Nigerian youths must stop been hooligans to these selfish desperate politicians. The Politicians should go and use their children for brutes. Let’s the revolution begin.

Lastly, have you wondered why the politicians don’t work around with their families? Their children are schooling aboard and having fun with your money.  ASUU are on strike and they politicians are not worried about the plights of innocent citizens; reason is that their children are not involved. Their children are enjoying aboard under a conducive environment. And our youths who are supposed to be in schools are out there under the sun campaigning for these men without human sympathy. In Nigeria, you can’t boost of 48hrs electricity supply, good roads, working industries, etc. The level of unemployed graduates in the country is very disquieting.  And you are still campaigning for them again? Why can’t Nigerians sit in a very inaudible environment to think on how imprudent they have been in the eyes of the Politicians?

Until every right-thinking Nigerians sits up to say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The Politicians will never stop hoodwinking the poor masses. If you want a better society, good road, 24/7 power supply, better infrastructures, working refinery, working industries etc. Don’t votes come 16th February 2019? If you want the Fulani Jihadist herdsmen terrorist to stop killing innocent citizens. Boycott the election and see the Politicians rise up to their duties. The big question is, will you Boycott the upcoming general election to send a strong notice to the politicians? For a better society boycott the Election and see the Politicians respect you forever. The English man said “A word is enough for the wise”.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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