■Author:  Victor Njoko
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, January 2019

Congratulations to every Biafran who made it to this year 2019 the year of restoration. All our fallen heroes and heroines who lost their lives to the murderous and vicious Nigeria security agents, may their souls rest in peace, their memories shall remain for evergreen in our memory.

Fellow Biafrans I commend you all because we fought gallantly in the previous years. It's true we have lost many souls, but by the special grace of Chiukwuabiama we have recorded a monumental success and IPOB family have also increased more than expected. This world is all about ups and downs, fallen is not an abomination but when you fall and remain there, it becomes execrable and opprobrious. Starting a fight is not the issue but he who fights to the end becomes victorious.
Its another year, a year of restoration, recovery and a year to manoeuvre. But do you agree with me that no matter how big your faith is, you cannot restore, recover nor manoeuvre without pushing and overtaking your enemies? Which simply implies that faith without work is tosh.
Fellow Biafrans this is 2019, I shall tell you that the push has come to shove. It's a year to show our sincerity and indefatigability for the Restoration of our motherland Biafra. This year we shall take the bull by the horn and prove to the contemptuous conundrum called Nigeria and the world at large that we are serious about Biafra. The two agenda we have now which is in progress shall continue unless there is an order from the highest command of IPOB leadership. Unmasking of the impostor in Aso Rock shall continue as the exposition of the impostor in the person of Aminu Jubril who is currently occupying Aso Rock under the pretence of shall mark the end of Zoo Nigeria.
The no referendum no election in Biafra land remains irreversible, owing to the fact that there is a very good reason to boycott a foreign election (Nigeria election) in Biafra land. We are not one and we can never be one no matter how long they try to force us into Nigeria. Since Nigeria returned to democracy, we have been voting but there has not been any sign of transformation or transmogrification or our odious and lugubrious situations reason being that we have been getting it all wrong . You can not participate where you're not wanted. We all know the amalgamation of Nigeria was an experiment by the British. We should also experiment Nigeria by boycotting every election organized by them and know what the outcome will be.
We should not hope that Biafra may come but we should work that Biafra shall come. We should show to the world that our courage is not Dutch courage, we should not fold our hands rather we shall show to the world that we are fit as a fiddle.
Editor. Ezekwereogu John
Publisher. Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers
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