■Author:  Chibuike  Agba 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, January 2019

In Africa, one of the things we were denied during our school days is the study of world history. The few that learned history were taught in a way that "conquest" which is an act of subjugation and dominance of innocent lives is good, not evil. The likes of Alexandra were called The Great, the likes of Roman Emperors were projected as superhumans. In contrast, most of these men increased the suffering of the world. Conquest has destroyed a lot of lives. It turned the heart of humans to animals. Therefore, creating beasts in many Nations.
Centuries ago, when Europeans conquered Africa. Their next step was to rebrand conquest and called it colonialism. They did this after killing millions of Africans and took some of them as slaves. After intensive destruction of African lives, the Europeans went home and called their conquered territory colonies. (Is this not more than Terrorism). Years later, after critically analyzing the impact made by the Europeans on African soil, the Arabs got determined to take back the European conquered territories in Africa. The same thing the Europeans did in the 16th, 17 and 18 century is what the Arabs and doing today. However, Arabs are using Islam as a tool to take back the conquered territory of the Europeans. The western media in its feeble minds could not do much. All they did was label the Arabs terrorists. But in the real sense, these are Islamic warriors on conquest mission. Meanwhile, this is the same conquest that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet. This is pathetic.
According to researchers, conquest began around 4000BC, by the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who expanded their boundaries. They subjugated the Nubians and other African tribes in other to build a more glorious empire. Through our history, we learned that conquest has been a tool for power and dominion all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. Another point I want to make is this; "a spade should be called a spade".

Conquest is conquest and should not be called anything other than conquest. With this mindset, an average Nigerian would know that it is practically impossible for a hungry Nigerian Army to defeat Boko Haram or ISIS. These branded terrorists are not "illiterates" as we assume. These are an Islamic army, warriors and conquerors who have an ideology that can never be defeated. The so-called terrorist are lead by Arabian history scholars are tactical in carrying out a successful conquest, and they are taking every measure to achieve it. In conclusion, I appeal to The Leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra to please address this issue with a heavy heart. The Europeans must be informed that they are losing this war. They are losing their conquered territories to these Islamic soldiers. This terrorism game must stop because all European countries that took part in the slave trade and colonialism are Equal terrorist with these Arabs. Humanity is practically insane.

This insanity or conquest must be put to an end. Also, for this to be achieved, the European Union must apologize to the world for their postcolonial atrocities. All colonial boundaries in Africa must be broken so that nations with the same value system will emerge and defend their territories.
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