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■ 03, January 2019
Osu simply means to Banish from your people, community or kindred because you have been seen as descendant of the lineage of Asus which the communities, indigene, gods of the land sees you as abomination to the land and they totally reject you the right to freedom of anything in the land of your ancestors, which is physical and morally unacceptable.
In that case, the community will banish the person from the state or community in which you inhabit, in another hand, you will be explicitly refused permission to return to your hometown.
Recall that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu vehemently condemned this Osu and Ohu cast in Biafra land on Radio Biafra London in 2014, in his words he said and I quote "We can't be fighting for Biafra restoration and we still see our brethren as Osu or Ohu (outcast ), it is not acceptable we all are created equally no one is greater than other, we must abolish Osu caste in Biafraland, when Biafra comes anyone that calls his fellow brethren Osu that person must go to jail, nobody is Osu in our land, everyone is created equal before the eyes of Chiukwu Okike Abiama".
The Osu caste system is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of persons called Osu (outcast).
Asus is dedicated to the deities (Alusi) of Igboland, they are considered as inferior beings and are usually separated from the Nwadiala or dial (Igbo). The Asus is made to live in shrines or marketplace and is not allowed to have any relationship with the real born.
The Asus who are also seen as unclean are not allowed to break kola or make prayers on behalf of the real born because it is believed that they will bring calamity upon the society. This form of maltreatment and punishments have made the Asus flee to other neighbouring countries for survival.
Since the introduction of modernization in Biafra land, the Osu caste system has been criticized by the sound mind in Biafra land who feel it is against human rights to freedom and it's a kind of division and discrimination among our people. According to some human rights groups who are calling for its abolishment, some of the punishments meted out against the so in Igboland include:
*Parents administering poison to their children *Disinheritance, ostracism, denial of membership in social clubs *Violent disruption of marriage ceremonies *Denial of chieftaincy titles *Deprivation of property and expulsion of wives Some years back, may not be certain of the date, Igbo legislators in the Eastern House of Assembly, Enugu abrogated the then common practice of referring people to as Asus. The fines imposed have discouraged the public expression of the word osu.
On this day 28th December 2018, shall be historic, a day mark to end Osu and Owu in Biafra land, At Eze Nri Ancient Kingdom precisely, history will never forget this day. This will simply bring peace, Idi na Otu (Oneness ) in Biafra land.

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