By Nwabunwanne David (Abia Writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
Nigeria intelligence, what are you doing about the disappearance of your colleague the Consular General in the Nigerian Embassy in Sudan, what really happened and what is happening now?
It is an impeccable truth that with right intelligence outfit, outstanding of a country, citizens shall know the direction things are drifting to, like in every other state of the World. It is a heinous crime that overnight a Diplomat of an outstanding nation like Nigeria, the largest black nation of the World, was murdered in faraway Sudan.

Without doubt nor mincing words, the populace depends on and are expecting the Nigeria Intelligence Agencies to come up with results and the conclusions of the very assiduous matter and investigation that would come up with perfect results. The doubt the people have today depends wholly on the intelligence outfit on her disposal because it will be stinkingly appalling that dependable Nigeria intelligence could not come up with solutions or a position to calm the restlessness of the time. Nigeria is in a total mess. Nigeria, with her paraphernalia and power, still Sudan swallowed up a Diplomat of the most massive black nation of the World, and the biggest country in Africa. What more will I say?

A US-based Saudi Journalist and writer was maimed and killed in the Saudi consular office in Turkey, in the person of Jamal Khashoggi. The assiduous work of Turkey intelligence was so much outstanding that it couldn't be suppressed, and attracted the attention of the World. It will be funny, total embarrassment, and catastrophic if this issue is not well investigated. It will be a big slap to the Nigeria Intelligence Agency.

Deep fear may fall upon the Diplomats around the globe if nothing is done now to curb the situations. It may become a culture of countries and lost of reputations before the rest of World that a Diplomat could be killed and no communique or report from the host country nor Nigeria. It is worthwhile for the country intelligence agents to do a great job of investigation to come up with an excellent outcome, that will instil confidence to the populace. What happened in Sudan, is a mess that can't happen to any other country like the United States of America nor the Jewish State of Isreal, even South Africa, because their intelligence Agencies will dig out the mess and expose it to the limelight.

Now, if the Nigeria security system is still sceptical, it means Nigeria is in delusion of good security system, and by the way, why did they have to claim the giant of Africa, when her intelligence unit is still in a sorry state, and the life of every citizen is nothing to write home about. Nigeria intelligence should do their job for the perfect results, to let the Federal government come up with communique or report in the very shortest period.
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