Where did we go wrong? Who did we offend that we can no longer know peace, joy and happiness? Imagine what we have been subjected to; imagine what we are made to endure? Killings, maiming, kidnapping, and lack on daily bases. A country so endowed with human and natural resources yet we live in pain and penury. What went wrong? Can anyone assist me with a rational explanation? As a literary student in my early secondary school days, I read books like. Weep my beloved country. Much ado about nothing. Things fall apart. If rivers could speak etc. dreaded some of the storylines that I read from some of these books and I felt that these experiences accounted for were only possible and applicable in the literary world but how wrong I was. I never knew that I will eventually come to witness and experience such ugly scenarios as vivid realities.

In the early 1980s, news of wars, bombings, hostage takings, suicide bombers attacks, blown up passenger airlines with massive casualties were frequently reported about the U. S. A, Europe and other parts of the world but never in Nigeria. We heard about militias, terrorists, militants, drug gangs and drug wars but these were never mentioned in Nigeria. I never dreamt of these social vices and anti-human groups being part of black Africa, not to talk of being seen or heard of in Nigeria. I could remember my growing up days, many families could sleep at night leaving their doors open either by omission or commission without any molestation from thieves and robbers, some value items were left outside without any tampering with them. At various times people could step into another person farm to collect what was needed and they won't be accused of stealing. Life was viewed from the biblical point which says.” You don't kill a person if he steals to satisfy his hunger ". We hardly heard of rape as people were born and bred under a morally upright society and every rapist was ostracized.

But of late Nigeria has become a home and headquarters for all forms of social vices and antihuman activities. The worst is that Nigeria is now home to terrorism and is well dreaded by well-meaning investor’s world over. How did we get here...? One might be tempted to ask. We now have secret cult groups from tertiary institutions to primary level even into our streets. In Diobu area of Igweocha, traders live in fear of uncertainty as they are molested, raped, killed, blackmailed, kidnapped and beaten by robbers and cult groups on daily bases without police interference, so how did we get here. The holy book read that evil communication corrupt good manners, it also warned the children of Chukwuokike Abiama saying. Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. Yahweh also warned His children that the land they are going to possess is a land of idol worshippers whose way of life Chukwuokike hate, and so they should not marry their daughters as wives; neither should they give their daughters to them for wives, lest they turn their heart from following Chukwuokike Abiama. King Solomon refused to heed this warning and he got subdued by the pressure and pleasure of strange women. Today our sons and daughters are not learning from experience, they just marry anyone and call it love, thereby producing and replicating tyrants and animals with all manners of tyrannical inhibitions.

In those days when good moral upbringing was the order of the day, there were no teenage pregnancies, children and youth fights ended with punches of clenched fists, throwing each on the ground and stuffing each other's mouth with either grass or sand, depending on which one your hand could grab, and the next day you make up in brotherly settlement, as no enmity lasted longer than necessary. But today, a fight between two brothers of the same parents has been extended to the street and schools in the name of cultism with heavy casualties, most times death. Fights between youths is no longer a matter of fists, but a matter of heavy armoury depending on how classy or sophisticated their cult group is, leaving a trail of blood bath. This was never our way of life, we were brought up to fear Chukwuokike Abiama and respect and value lives in one another, as one who cannot give life has no right to take it.

In the days of our ancestors, an election without Amadioha, Kamanuozuzu and Chineke in lot casting was abominable and unacceptable, but today, in this unholy marriage of mixed multitude, an election without fraud, bloodshed, satanic covenants and agreement, maiming and ballot looting is not free and fair and inconclusive. An aspiring governor in south-south of the contraption called Nigeria in a pre-election speech once said “If my government is voted in, you will sleep with your two eyes open". Instead of saying “you will sleep with your two eyes closed". And of course, he is exactly what his mistaken statement meant, as he has been confirmed to have joined the terrorists and heartless killers.

But why are we being killed and it is not being discussed in the national polity and international discuss. Instead of world leaders and the international community and neighbouring states and committee of intellectuals to discuss matters of urgent priority like this genocide and ethnic cleansing going on in Nigeria, they are rather talking about certificate and upcoming election. The most annoying aspect of this joke is that most of our so-called learned leaders and elders are daft, short sighted or deliberately greedy in that they are not decoding this craftily encoded mission of these land grabbers and selfish embezzlers. I have never believed in the oneness or the unity of this contraption as it is more irrationally professed in disunity and in vivid hypocrisy by some patriotic idiots. There is no federal character in the federation, no unity in diversity, no peace in a chaotic system of gross imbalance. Until the best is recognized and respected from the rest, until credence is given to a man of honour, until the intellectuals are separated from morons, until what belong to Caesar is given to Caesar and what belong to God is given to God, there will be no peace in this contraption. Divide Nigeria now and let Biafra go. Enough of discussing the inconsequential and ignoring the necessary.

Written by: 
Mazi. Emmanuel Igbeagu

Edited by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo

For Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media
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