It is no longer a news, the issue of an impostor presiding over the affairs of over two hundred million Nigerians.  While the evidences of the reality of the presence of this impostor from Sudan is real, the defence mechanism from Aso Rock is too weak to push back the pointing fingers.  It is funny and unheard for that while there are over six scientific evidences marshalled out by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) over the strong issues, what the impostor handlers could use as a disprove is mere oral statement of "I am the real Buhari".

Funny enough this is happening in a society claiming to be in possession of "enough intellectuals" and "seers". What is the usefulness of such human resources when such an issue with heavy international mockery can't be addressed with logical conclusion!  Where is the supposed "enough medical experts" that DNA text is now a rocket science for these medical experts to have this impostor conducted?  This shows how weak in reality; these individuals are as a result of state incentives (bribery) extended to them.  The cabals are dishing out whole lot of money to get this recycled for the moment while the nation bleeds as a result of the financial wastage in attempt to get this blunder covered.

How long this could be covered is what these elements don't know.  Events and history have all proven that no crime is perfect neither is there anything hidden under the sun.  If mentally disabled Nigerians fail to know today of the disaster, they or their children will read about it certainly in the next thirty years when this supposed top secret will be declassified by US and UK as diplomatic doings demands.  And then, it will a great slap and an encouragement for suicide to those of them who knew of this, but out of stupidity failed to act!

I quite understand the paranoia over some elements who are aware of this Fulani manipulation but refused to say anything basically on the ground that "it will promote Nnamdi Kanu" as a hero.  But has their inability to speak out de-promoted Nnamdi Kanu?  Absolutely NO!  Nnamdi Kanu never unearthed this for hero seeking as he already has been the "chosen one" among his people due to his strict rejection of corruption.  His action on this issue is basically on his hatred on evil and not useless heroism bagged from Nigeria that ends in pains as we saw in the lives of those who gave in their youthful strengths for Nigeria, and today abandoned by the same demented entity.  In whatever way, what is most important here is that Biafrans have proven to Nigerians and their government that we operate the highest intelligence within the West Africa sub-region and that we are proud of.

Written by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media
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