■Author:  Utiung Mathias 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 23, December 2018
Some unscrupulous sophisticated morons in Nigeria are waiting for the cabals in also rock to officially announce to them that Buhari died in power, and He's now being impersonated by Jubril Al'Sudani, an impostor from Sudan, just to retain power in the north. Even when the evidence about Jubril, the impostor is overwhelming, those multi-purpose idiots in the zoo still choose to defend ignorance. Maybe, they are waiting for an angel from heaven or Probably Jubril himself to come out openly and say "Fellow Nigerians, I'm not Buhari, but Jubril from Sudan", then you have to wait till eternity. Common sense cannot tell you that;
This present Buhari(Jubril's) intonation(way of talking) is absolutely different from that of real Buhari in 2015/16; If you doubt, compare the 2015/16 independence day celebration speech with that of 2018, and tell me if the intonations are the same. Because you're daft and too blind to see, you can't even observe that real Buhari was taller than Saraki(Senate president) in 2015/16; But now, Saraki is now taller than this Impostor.
This is laughable Do I still need to mention that Real Buhari has a bald head, but this Impostor has a complete set of hair; To make it unknown to the weak minded Nigerians, He can never remove his hat/cap in public, neither can he wear another outfit that doesn't require the hat/cap. Do I still need to tell you that real Buhari in 2015/16 has a congenital mark at the right earlobe, But this present Buhari(Jubril) does not have any mark on both ears? Compare Buhari's palm print in 2015/16 when he waved and now(2018) and tell me whether the lines are the same. The funny part is that Jubril can never wave again. Your brain is so dull to make you know that In 2015/16, real Buhari has a shrunk looking hands and face; But now, Buhari is now looking fresh like a 45year old man. Even the medical treatment that He goes often suddenly stopped. Grey hair has disappeared, Facial hairline has disappeared too; this present Buhari even sees without glasses. Nigerians, I salute your stupidity for allowing yourselves to be fooled; The problem is not from the cabals but from the dumb masses. Stand up Nigerians, the man ruling over you now is not the Buhari you voted for in 2015, but an impostor from Sudan impersonating late Buhari.

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